Aircraft Description

Fairchild Metro 23 Turboprop for charter

Metro 23 is a modern jet-prop aircraft, particularly suitable for long group flights. Pressurized, air conditioned cabin with a low noise level.

The Metroliner was an evolution of the Swearingen Merlin turboprop-powered business aircraft. Ed Swearingen, a Texas fixed base operator (FBO), started the developments that led to the Metro through gradual modifications to the Beechcraft Twin Bonanza and Queen Air business aircraft, aircraft they dubbed Excalibur.

The current metro model is the 23. Certificated to far part 23 (amendment 34) standards (hence the Metro 23 designation) it features a higher takeoff weight, more powerful engines and systems improvements first introduced on the military.


– Balance and Comfort

– 633.5 cubic foot of cabin space

– 23% more elbow room

– 7.0 PSI cabin pressure

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