Aircraft Description

Global Express/5000/XRS/6000 Large Jet for charter

The Bombardier Global Express is an ultra long range corporate and VIP high speed jet aircraft produced by Bombardier Aerospace. The Bombardier Global 5000 is a slightly shorter version.

The Global 5000 (model designation BD-700-1A11) is a derivative based on Global Express, with 0.813 m (32 in) reduction in forward fuselage length, and 1,200 nm reduction in maximum range. Seating capacity is up to 19 passengers. The aircraft was announced on October 25, 2001 with the official launch on 5 February 2002, after a positive market assessment with letters of intent for 15 aircraft. The Global Express XRS (rebranded as Global 6000) is an improved version of the original aircraft, (announced on October 6, 2003 during the NBAA Convention at Orlando (Florida)) offering higher cruise speed, increased range, improved cabin layout and lighting.

At the time of the Global 5000’s release, Bombardier