Aircraft Description

Learjet 45/45XR Mid Jet for charter

The new Bombardier Learjet 45 is Learjet’s latest entry into the medium size corporate jet market.

Flying faster, higher and farther with more passengers and range flexibility than any aircraft in its class, the Learjet 45 aircraft is a true overachiever. Featuring the longest cabin and more seated head – shoulder – and legroom than competitors, the super light Learjet 45* XR* aircraft provides premium comfort. Its unique combination of agility, aesthetics and performance gives you the ultimate freedom to travel on your terms.

The Learjet 45 is of classic Learjet design and layout. However a number of key design changes were made early into the 45’s design life including a larger fin and rudder, extended engine pylons, smaller delta fins, full span elevators, and single piece flaps.

Larger than the Learjet 31 and smaller than the