Aircraft Description

The 690 A Twin Commander Turboprop for charter

The Gulfstream Turbo Commander (AC-690) is a stable high-winged twin, pressurized turboprop aircraft that is suitable for a variety of missions. The standard configuration allows for mission equipment, two pilots, and one photographer. However, with all seats installed, five scientists/technicians may be accommodated in the cabin. NOAA’s AC-690 Turbo Commander is utilized by the NGS Remote Sensing Division and the NOHRSC (National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center).

The AC-690 is:

– For the owner-pilot who demands speed and ultimate flight envelope performance.

– For the executive who demands value and efficiency for every dollar spent.

– For the passenger who demands a spacious cabin with an unmatched view of the world passing below.

– To demand 300 knots at 72 gallons of fuel per hour, safely above the weather for 1700 miles…

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