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New Mobile App

AirCharter SmartPhone App is pleased to announce the release of its mobile app available on Android, iOS and Microsoft. For the first time in the US a system will allow users to view what is normally held confidential by brokers. In all transparence view the complete operator information along with the tail number and aircraft data for as little as $4 per record, customers can view it all including cost of block hour rates as well as aircraft specifications, insurance, safety rating, up-to-date interior and exterior aircraft photos. AirCharter Credits will unlock a tail data indefinitely for viewing. With the provided data the user will be able to contact aircraft operators directly, avoiding what can cost thousands of dollars in broker commissions traditionally. No annual membership fees are required.’s mobile app allows you to search for and book private jet flights conveniently from your device in real time. Looking for empty legs?’s official mobile app allows you to search through thousands of empty legs, updated in real-time. Using’s 12 000 plus accredited list of verified aircraft worldwide, you can book a flight on any private aircraft, ranging from pistons to full sized airliners. Unlike other apps that limit you to a max of 19 passengers has no limit. Users using this new mobile app can get instant quotes with near flawless accuracy, giving customers an exact figure expected to pay for the trip. With a few clicks customers can view the cost of each leg, the cost of repositioning and the ability to change the departure airport to the home base of the aircraft, saving thousands of dollars. For a limited time, AirCharter is offering a 10 Aircharter Credits for free […]

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Gulfstream Jet Specifications and Charter Info

Gulfstream Jet Specifications and Charter Info
Gulfstream jets are very common jets in the industry, nearly as common as lear jets for smaller flights, and much more popular as aircraft for longer ranged flights. Gulfstream’s ability to produce amazing long range jets never ceases to astound the industry. Starting in 1958 Gulfstream has built various types of private aircraft and continues to do so in a reliable and exciting manner. Instead of covering all of Gulfstream’s previous models it is more efficient to detail the most commonly chartered business jets in addition to their current product line.

We start with Gulfstream’s flagship business jet, the G650, which is a long range large jet capable of carrying 19 passengers and capable of flying over 7000 nautical miles. The latest and greatest of avionics and luxury features have been included in the G650, features including full touchscreen panels for pilots and all passengers, in addition to a full-scale in-flight infotainment system with a stunning surround sound system and lie flat seats with a relaxing massage features. The G650 is the fastest large jet produced by Gulfstream or any other manufacturer. Capable of flying mach .9 or a slower mach 8.5, this business jet is at the very top when compared to other business jets in its category.

Secondly is the G550 also capable of holding 19 passengers and flying approximately 5800 nautical miles. Many of the same cabin amenities offered by the G650 are available on the G550 including but not limited to massage seats, large oval windows, the in-flight infotainment system with surround sound and of course lie flat seats for all passengers. The average cost to charter this aircraft per hour is approximately $10,000. While cheaper than the G650 to rent, the […]

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Ghana Team flies to the Fifa World Cup 2014 with

Ghana Team flies to the Fifa World Cup 2014 with

New York — The Ghana National Team starts its preparations for the Tournament with a friendly game against the South Korea National Team on Monday June 9th in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium. has been selected to take charge of the Ghana National Team’s Charter to the 2014 Brazil World Cup after their community meeting in Washington, DC before leaving for their base in the Latin American country. is proud to be the Official Carrier of the Black Stars during the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil.

Ghana will travel in style in a fully customized Boeing 767-200, with 180 seats on board, the Ghana National team, staff, and even die-hard fans will comfortably travel with the ultimate in VIP treatment; the flight attendants on board will serve VIP catering on a very smooth flight to Salvador, Brazil. The Ghana National Team will be landing at Salvador Airport at 11:30 am (local time) on June 11th, where a welcoming party will be on-site.

Starting with their first game vs the USA national team on Monday June 16th, through their other games with Germany, and Portugal and hopefully much more!

We are happy that the Ghana Black Stars selected out of various other companies for this charter. We know them and they know us, and that is very exhilarating. We wish the Ghana National Team all the best!

“The reason is that most of our business destinations are places that you can use to travel to and most of the players are in countries that flies to. Going to camp, going to America, and going to Brazil all with is very convenient for us,” said Ellis (Agent for […]

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New AirCharter international offices

In order to better help our international clients, two Aircharter international offices have been added in early 2014. These include our newest office in London and Casablanca. Both offices allow aircharter to offer around the clock charter experts. All available in English, French, and Spanish. And very soon, Arabic for middle east travels. Our highly trained business jet charter team is now much larger and is still growing. We now offer instant online chat support in both French and Spanish, as well as telephone assistance and booking agents.

We represent you, our valued customer. You tell us your needs, we provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury and convenience at the best prices possible, with as little as four hours notice, access anywhere in the world. Just use our booking engine to get an instant quote.

London UK Office

London Kensington Olympia Crown House,
72 Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith,
London, W14 8TH, U.K
Phone (+44) 20-3582-4097


MEA Office

1 Rue Abou Hadil Allaf,
20070 Casablanca, Morocco
Phone (+212) 520-423-104
Fax (+212) 522-224-894

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