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Since 2004, Adam Echo has lent a hand to all things Aircharter, from mentoring new additions to our team, to sales and even the occasional in depth blog post. Mr. Echo is a charter specialist, like many of our team, he knows everything there is to know about charter. We are very proud to have Mr. Echo on our team!

Christmas Empty Legs

Christmas Empty Legs Happy holidays from Aircharter.com! Christmas is a time of sharing, and we are sharing our best empty leg offers for the days leading up to Christmas day. Christmas is also the time to share time with family and friends, and there is no easier and cost effective way to travel by private jet than our premium empty leg offers. Flying an empty leg means you only pay for the flight hours you use, and not the empty trip to return the aircraft to base; by flying on empty legs, your estimated price is approximately half of the traditional cost. These are the 9 hottest empty leg offers for the christmas season, but thousands more can be found here: Empty Legs     Our top 9 selections of christmas empty legs! Aircraft: Falcon 900B From: KPBI - Palm Beach, FL To: KHPN - White Plains, NY Date: Dec 21 Price: $18,500 Aircraft: Falcon 2000EX From: KVNY - Van Nuys, CA To: KTEB - Teterboro, NJ Date Range: Dec 21- 23 Price: $36,000 Aircraft: Challenger 300 From: MMUN - Cancun, Mexico To: CYYZ - Ontario, Canada Date Range: Dec 21 - 22 Price: $10,500 Aircraft: Hawker 800XP From: KMKE - Milwaukee, WI To: KBJC - Broomfield, CO Date Range: Dec 22 - 23 Price: $13,500 Aircraft: Falcon 2000LX From: KVNY - Van Nuys, CA To: KHPN - White Plains, NY Date Range: Dec 22 -25 Price: $33,500 Aircraft: Citation I-SP From: KFMY - Fort Myers, FL To: KMDW - Chicago, IL Date: Dec 23 Price: $12,000 Aircraft: Falcon 2000EX From: KOPF - Opa-locka, FL To: KPWK - Wheeling, IL Date: Dec 24 Price: $23,000 Aircraft: Legacy 600 From: KVNY - Van Nuys, CA To: KTEB - Teterboro, NJ Date Range: Dec 24 - 25 Price: $31,000 Aircraft: Hawker 800XP From: KPBI - Palm Beach, FL To: KTEB - Teterboro, NJ Date Range: Dec 25 - 26 Price: $13,500   Consult our Empty

Falcon 8X rolled out in in Mérignac

Falcon 8X Roll-Out in in Mérignac Christmas came early this year when Dassault Aviation rolled out the Falcon 8X yesterday at Aéroport de Bordeaux-Mérignac (BOD) in Mérignac, France. The aircraft has been sufficiently ground tested and was ready to be unveiled in all of it’s glory. In the first quarter of 2015, the Falcon 8X should make its maiden flight, meaning the Falcon 8X will be joining the Dassault Falcon family very soon. The Falcon 8X is based off of the already successful falcon 7X, which is a large cabin aircraft capable of nearly 6,000 nautical mile range at a decent speed. The Falcon 8X offers a slightly longer cabin as well as new engine upgrades and an extended range brought about by aerodynamic modifications and a larger fuel capacity. The Falcon 8X also takes other attributes from the Falcon 7X, it is capable of much shorter takeoffs than jets of its size, and is of course very fuel efficient for a large cabin jet. The Falcon 8X offers 3 Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan engines that deliver more thrust but also lower fuel consumption, these engines allow the Falcon 8X to take off in under 4,000 ft (which is a figure seen by light jets and other small aircraft). Along with takeoff requirement improvements, the Falcon 8X is capable of flying a maximum of mach .90 and a range of 6,450 nautical miles (albeit at a lower speed of mach .80). Internal space is refined as compared to the Falcon 7X, the cabin is now 42.67 ft excluding the cockpit and designated baggage area we have come to love by Dassault. The cabin is 6.17 ft high and 7.67 ft wide, making for a

Private Jet Charter Guide Part IV

Private Jet Charter Guide -  Part IV Welcome to part IV of our private jet charter guide. In this section we will summarize all of the factors that go in to building a private jet charter trip, and what sort of things can impact your trip both positively and negatively. In part I of our private jet charter guide, we went through the steps through which our example customer (John) and example trip would take. We started off with Johns request to Aircharter.com and followed the trip from there. We discussed when it is beneficial to book and secure your aircraft (approximately 5-7 days for private jets and 60 days for large scale airliner-sized trips with over 200 passengers). We noted how John was able to secure an online price very similar to the final price he received in his hard quote. We also discussed how behind the scenes, the Aircharter Charter Team was setting up fallback aircraft in case of any point of failure. Going back to empty legs and how empty legs work, for a round trip such as the one John requested in our example trip, there is almost no benefit to flying on an empty leg, as another aircraft will have to be chartered for the return trip (and said aircraft would have to go back to base, negating the saving brought about by flying an empty leg) but for one way flights, we came to conclusion that the earlier you can request and book your trip, the more of a chance there is for finding an empty leg. Of course high traffic city pairs such as New York to Los Angeles almost always have available aircraft for empty legs due

Private Jet Charter Guide part III

Private Jet Charter Guide part III   Many conditions can impact the price and details of a private jet charter, and here in part III of our private jet charter guide, we will list and explain the most common fees expected from a charter quote. Each individual part of these fees come together to build the final price you pay for your trip, and it is very important to know which factors can change the price or accessibility of a trip. We begin with some details that can severely impact the price you expect to pay: Runway length - Smaller aircraft don’t necessarily require enormous runway lengths and can often land at smaller, communal airports. But larger aircraft can require runway lengths of over 6000 ft, meaning a larger airport will be chosen to fulfill the trip. Larger airports tend to have higher fees, while smaller airports are more reasonable. Wind speed / traveling direction - It is well known that air currents can radically change to total amount of time required to fulfill a trip. The details are complex when factoring in random wind patterns and mountain formations as well as aircraft cruise routes. This can be seasonal or just simply random but will make a difference in the total price of your quote Availability - Availability is the most important aspect of private jet charter. There is a best aircraft for every trip, an aircraft that is very close to the departure location for a reasonable price, and often those aircraft can be booked indefinitely. Availability can make the difference between a $7,000 flight and a $11,000 flight with the same exact itinerary. In the case of an unavailable aircraft, the next step

Private Jet Charter Guide – Part II

 Private Jet Charter Guide - Part II Welcome to part II of our private jet charter guide, previously we discussed the basics of private jet charter here. Before continuing any further we must understand the concept of aircraft availability. Availability is what determines the aircraft chosen for your trip. We verify availability before issuing any hard quotes, that way our customers know which aircraft are available, and in the case of a booked aircraft, which aircraft to default on to, as well as the previously noted backup aircraft. Back to our example trip noted in part I of this guide; John has confirmed that he wants the Challenger 601 for his trip, as per Aircharter’s standard operating procedure, two other similar aircraft are also located and cross checked with availability in case of unavailability of the first aircraft choice. John doesn’t need to worry about any of this, as far as John knows, everything is all set for his trip. Within the following day, Aircharter delivers John’s itinerary, with full information such as takeoff and landing times, which FBO (fixed base operators) will be used, and direct contact information for both pilots. Included in the itinerary are catering details that John had specifically asked for. At this point, the trip is fully planned and ready to take off as soon as john is ready to fly. The aircraft of choice, the Challenger 601 would be repositioned to JFK airport awaiting John and his other passengers, at which point, he would board his aircraft and fly to Los Angeles. Now considering the fact that John wished to fly a round trip instead of a one way trip changes a great deal of options. If John were to

Embraer Lineage 1000

Aircraft of the Week - Embraer Lineage 1000 This week’s aircraft of the week is the Embraer Lineage 1000, an aircraft that doesn’t fit as easily into a category as other jets of it’s size and specifications. At first glance, the Embraer Lineage 1000 is a narrowbody airliner. The Embraer Lineage 1000 was built as a variant of the Embraer 190, a regional jet, traditionally configured for 94 passengers. The Embraer Lineage 1000 makes huge changes to the regional airliner by dropping the maximum capacity from 94 passengers to a much more comfortable 19. While not technically as large as a BBJ or ACJ, the Embraer Lineage 1000 still has a larger cabin than long ranged business jets, and is just slightly smaller than competing narrowbodies (BBJ & ACJ). The Embraer Lineage 1000 further modifies the Embraer 190 by dropping the cargo area for a much needed upgrade: fuel tanks, this nearly doubles the range to 4,500 nmi, not enormous in terms of competing narrowbodies, or competing long range business jets, but still a large enough range to hold it’s own. Lest we forget that 4,500 nmi is enough range to fly from New York to western Russia. Boasting a maximum speed of mach 0.83, the Embraer Lineage 1000 is a rare find, only 13 have been built thus far, and I have been lucky enough to see two. All Lineage 1000s come with a lavish VIP configured interior which at first glance looks like a Global Express 6000/XRS, but the larger cabin space is apparent as soon as you step through the door. With full sized bedrooms, lavatories with full sized showers, and full sized galleys, the Embraer Lineage 1000 does not come up short

Private Jet Charter Guide

Private Jet Charter Guide Part 1 Private Jet Charter is a term given to the full rental of a private aircraft for a limited duration (usually the duration of the trip in question) but there are a lot of questions that arise when talking about private jet charter. How are prices calculated? How does private jet charter even work? Along with many other questions. Private jet charter is an alternative to private jet timeshare or fractional ownership. Both fractional ownership and private jet timeshare are a way to fly on private aircraft of your choice by essentially buying partial ownership of said aircraft. Now while fractional ownership and private jet timeshare have their own pros and cons (Both have been discussed and debunked as terrible methods here: Fractional Ownership, Private Jet Timeshare) private jet charter is a whole other idea. Private jet charter means that you pay for exactly what you use, nothing less and nothing more. In this part of our 4 part charter guide, we start by following an example trip, from the very beginning to the very end, and discuss all of the steps of your private jet charter. *Of course, for the sake of simplicity, we will assume this example trip is booked by a customer of ours and will run through our system. Of course other entities have their own booking engines and procedures, but we believe it will be more comprehensive to stick to what we know for this guide. A customer enters our website searching for a good deal on private jet charter, and uses our booking engine through the book a trip tab. This customer, who will hereon be referred to as John, enters his details: 9 passengers, flying from JFK airport

Last Minute Charters for Thanksgiving

Last Minute Charters for Thanksgiving are available from aircharter.com. Very soon, families will sit down for Thanksgiving weekend! If you’re interested in flying, this would be the best time to book your charter to travel anywhere in the world in order to enjoy your flight. Most of the commercial aircraft are almost fully booked for such flights. Furthermore, air traffic in the world might just be dense, causing delays and cancelations of flights to their destination, resulting in obligations to take ground transportation which won’t be as comfortable and convenient as air travel. With us, you can travel from your home town or city to any city in the world on a chartered jet and get there feeling rested, relaxed and ready to enjoy your time there. You can pick from any of our available collection of aircraft the best jet to fit your needs based on our group size and distance. AirCharter.com offers a full concierge service that can coordinate any aspect of your trip from customized limousine service, ground transportation, and even cargo for large groups with heavy luggage. Aircharter can arrange for private VIP charter for your family and friends. With many options available for nearly unlimited passengers, you can carry your whole family, and even some friends. Flying commercial always has it’s downsides with long securityand TSA checks, very little privacy, and longer wait times. Chartering your own private jet means having the ultimate in flying luxury, more leg room, head room, VIP catering and the most luxurious in services. Our airliner sized aircraft have on board conference rooms, full kitchens, and showers. Last minute flights from anywhere in the world are ready for your family or friends. With high commercial air traffic during this period,

Piaggio P180 Avanti

Aircraft of the Week - Piaggio P180 Avanti The Piaggio P180 Avanti is a unique aircraft, loved by many, ridiculed by others. Those who have seen the P180 Avanti in person have realized how beautiful of a turboprop it is, especially compared to other turboprops sharing its basic specifications. What makes the P180 Avanti so great? Firstly, the P180 Avanti has a small forward wing, in addition to a rear wing, generally, this type of forward wing has never been seen outside of supersonic aircraft (with some exceptions of course). The P180 Avanti’s forward wing is meant to compensate for how incredibly far back the main wing is, with the rear wing nearly reaching the tail section. It is hard to miss that the twin turboprop engines on the P180 Avanti are pointing backwards instead of forwards. These two turboprop engines are mounted behind the cabin, and instead of pulling air towards the rear, these engine push the air backwards. But why this unique configuration for this turboprop? The P180 Avanti has a cruise speed of 455 mph, something more comparable to a light jet than a turboprop. For example, the Cessna CJ1 cruises at 447 mph while offering a range of 1,300 nm, whereas the P180 Avanti has a longer range, approximately 1,500 nm. This is due to the unorthodox aircraft’s configuration of rear mounted rear pushing turboprop engines. This engine configuration not only helps fuel economy, but also cabin noise levels. The rear pushing engines are known to be loud, but only to the outside world, in the cabin, the noise is a manageable 68 dBA, quite a bit quieter than traditional turboprops. The fuel burn rate for the P180 Avanti is 3.1

Gulfstream Jet Specifications and Charter Info

Gulfstream Jet Specifications and Charter Info Gulfstream jets are very common jets in the industry, nearly as common as lear jets for smaller flights, and much more popular as aircraft for longer ranged flights. Gulfstream’s ability to produce amazing long range jets never ceases to astound the industry. Starting in 1958 Gulfstream has built various types of private aircraft and continues to do so in a reliable and exciting manner. Instead of covering all of Gulfstream's previous models it is more efficient to detail the most commonly chartered business jets in addition to their current product line. We start with Gulfstream's flagship business jet, the G650, which is a long range large jet capable of carrying 19 passengers and capable of flying over 7000 nautical miles. The latest and greatest of avionics and luxury features have been included in the G650, features including full touchscreen panels for pilots and all passengers, in addition to a full-scale in-flight infotainment system with a stunning surround sound system and lie flat seats with a relaxing massage features. The G650 is the fastest large jet produced by Gulfstream or any other manufacturer. Capable of flying mach .9 or a slower mach 8.5, this business jet is at the very top when compared to other business jets in its category. Secondly is the G550 also capable of holding 19 passengers and flying approximately 5800 nautical miles. Many of the same cabin amenities offered by the G650 are available on the G550 including but not limited to massage seats, large oval windows, the in-flight infotainment system with surround sound and of course lie flat seats for all passengers. The average cost to charter this aircraft per hour is approximately $10,000. While cheaper than the G650