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Since 2014, Jessie Parker has been leading the AirCharter sales team arranging passenger, cargo, and leasing air transportation on qualified business aircraft. Mr. Parker has been involved in many dealings where he led the company in representing clients through privatized contracts and acting as the agent of the customer and serving as the marketing arm of the aircraft owners.

Aircraft Hourly Charter Rates – Piston

Piston Aircraft Hourly Charter Rates   Piston aircraft are smaller and generally have a slower maximum speed than their turboprop alternatives. Generally configured to seat between 2 and 6 passengers, these piston aircraft are nearly all certified for single pilot operation even though all flights conducted by Aircharter have two pilots by default. the maximum range of a piston aircraft is around 1,000 nautical miles, but often will be much less as piston aircraft are more sensitive to onboard weight of passengers and luggage. A piston aircraft is defined as an aircraft that uses a piston engine in place of a turboprop (turbofan) engine. Piston engines require maintenance less often than turboprops, and lead to less routine maintenance. Pistons are very common for small amounts of precious cargo that needs to be delivered quickly, and for smaller flights with under 6 passengers. Piston aircraft are able to takeoff and land in even the smallest airports, and even unpaved landing strips, making pistons the most versatile aircraft in terms of airport requirements. Piston aircraft cost approximately $500 to $1,500 an hour to charter depending on the size of the aircraft in question as well as location. Pistons tend to be very easy to locate in the United States, but tend to be more scarce in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Piston aircraft are the best way to travel very short distances with minimal passenger counts, but are much smaller aircraft than turboprops and light jets and do not offer as much cabin room. For more details visit our Aircraft Guide where you will find everything on all makes and models of aircraft for charter.   Cessna Skyhawk 172 $300 - $400 phrWhether your motivation is to fly farther

Private Charter Flights to Las Vegas

Private Charter Flights to Las Vegas If you have flown to the Las Vegas area, it is more than likely you have seen McCarran International Airport. McCarran International Airport or LAS as per it’s given FAA LID, is the major airport serving the las vegas area. With several FBO (fixed base operators) on site capable of serving your every ground-based needs, from ground based catering to security and limo services. LAS’s facilities span 2,800 acres and include the Las Vegas Executive Air Terminal. With an estimated 625,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings a year, LAS is a enormous airport in terms of traffic. But worry not, as LAS also serves a large amount of private flights yearly. Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations worldwide, and LAS has become the most popular airport in the area despite nearby airports such as North Las Vegas Airport, LAS continues to be a number one airport for charter flights in the area. LAS is approximately a 15 minute drive from the center of Las Vegas, giving you near instant access to shopping centers as well as the Las Vegas strip. LAS a very popular airport for celebrities and businessmen alike, with on site amenities not offered by other airports. The second option for private flights is the North Las Vegas Airport or VGT. VGT is the second airport in the Las Vegas area and is the second busiest airport in Las Vegas and the third busiest in all of Nevada. VGT is located near the center of Las Vegas and allows more direct access to the city in a reasonable amount of time. VGT covers an area of 920 acres and includes two runways at 5,000 ft long

What is Public Charter?

Public Charter Express Boarding from the FBO directly on-board. NO MORE LONG CHECK INS & TSA LINES What is a Public Charter? Unlike a regular charter flight where you lease/ rent an entire aircraft a public charter is a charter in which a tour operator or airline leases or charters a whole aircraft to sell seats on board the chartered aircraft directly through an agency. All public charter flights must be filed and authorized by the US DOT if operating on any US territory legally binding the public charter tour operator to the protection of its clients’ funds for service rendered. Many public charter tour operators will offer seasonal operations and are often sold as package deals although in many cases are offered as seats on-board only. Some tour operators will offer elegantly tailored services with unique choices of meals, drinks and specialized VIP FBO along with express security clearance at high density airports while many other public charter tour operators provide basic services to their customers with cheap charter options that tend to not cater or entertain their guests on-board and often times allow very restricted baggage allowances. It may seem as a very stingy offering by a tour operator, but the demand for such charter flights are increasing to exponential numbers. Many customers are starting to seek the most economical and time saving solution versus luxury and comfort. On a routine public charter business trip to New York City, Joshua Esteban (partner at a Chicago based Legal Equity Firm) left his suburban Chicago home at 7 am, parked at O’Hare Airport 15 minutes later, boarded a Dornier 328 Jet by 7:30 am bound for Teterboro, NJ, and reached his rental vehicle in Teterboro (awaiting him

Organ Transplant Transportation

Organ Transplant Transportation The immediate nature of organ transplant transportation is becoming more and more difficult without the use of private jet charter or private helicopter transport. It is recommended that vital organs such as the heart should be transplanted within four hours of removal from the donor. Private jet rental for air ambulance is not only used for transportation of the organs themselves, but for for the transportation of doctors to and from critical locations. Cases such as these highly time sensitive situations including the transportation of injured persons, are greatly aided by the on-demand nature of private jet charter. For many consecutive years, AirCharter.com has demonstrated reliable and expedited services in the most demanding and complex situations that have allowed us to earn the trust of thousands of clients. AirCharter.com is the leading charter provider for industries that require immediate turn-time and specialized handling. Time sensitive deliveries of transportation such as these are almost impossible to transport simply by ground delivery. The variables brought on by potential traffic may cause the loss of life in these extreme circumstances where the organ in question cannot reach its intended destination on time. There is almost no reason to ever transport an organ by ground transportation unless the distance is under 100 miles. In terms of commercial airliners transporting these organs via commercial travel, the time lost in transportation and waiting times in total may exceed four hours, which would make it too late for the organ to be transplanted with a high success rate. Long lines at large airports with baggage checks and security checks are most certainly going to delay this priority organ. Even in terms of airspeed, A Boeing 767 only has a cruise speed of 529 mph, whereas

Nouveau système de réservation en ligne

Aircharter.com est enchanté d'annoncer la nouvelle version du système de réservation en ligne. Avec votre itinéraire en mains, vous pouvez obtenir un prix en ligne instantanément pour vos besoins de voyage. Pour 1 passager ou 500, le nouveau sur le système de réservation en ligne de AirCharter vous donnera une estimation de prix, le temps de vol, et si des arrêts de carburant sont nécessaires. Vous voulez atterrir à un aéroport dans un milieu rural? Notre système de réservation vous permettra de savoir quels avions peuvent y atterrir. Une nouvelle technologie développée en 2014 pour vous offrir le prix le plus précis disponible sur le net. Réservez votre premier voyage maintenant avec Aircharter.com

Air Charter offers the lowest rates

Air Charter offers the lowest rates Private can offer discount jet charter packages that include transportation, private body guards, luxury hotels and more. Dassault Aviation - Falcon 5X Since 1996, AirCharter.com has provided online air charter booking services to a wide array of customers, including business and leisure travelers, sports teams and corporations worldwide. Through AirCharter’s online booking system, travelers can get quick quotes and book domestic and international travel on more than 12,800 aircraft, including jets and turboprops. Founded in 1985, Air Charter has become the market leaders in providing world wide private jet charter services. Born out of the desire to provide clients with a simpler and more understandable way to buy charter services, Air Charter was founded on the principle of placing the client’s needs first. The true cost of flying on a private jet had always been shrouded in the mystery of technical terms and hidden fees that could be confusing for even a seasoned traveler. Air Charter simplified the process by creating the “Charter Jet Price Guarantee”. The charter price you are quoted is the price you pay. Air Charter operates on the principles of absolute and complete jet customer service. His team creates personalized private charter flights that cater to their passengers every want and need, including the arrangement of gourmet meal service, special beverages, in-flight entertainment, and other amenities. Use our Booking Engine to get a instant price in your trip. Air Charter have over 1980 operators and over 12,800 aircraft in its system. To speak to an agent Call us at +212-999-4926.