AirCharter Launches Ver.3 of eCharterConnect’s Booking Engine

AirCharter Launches Version III of it's Booking Engine LLC, known for instant online pricing and booking has launched version III of it’s eCharterConnect Booking Engine. is pleased to announce version III of the eCharterConnect charter reservation system. For the first time in the US a system will allow users to view what is normally held confidential by brokers. In all transparence, the complete operator information along with the tail number and data for as little as $4 per record, customers can view it all including cost of block hour rates as well as aircraft specifications, insurance, safety rating, up-to-date interior and exterior aircraft photos. AirCharter Credits will unlock a tail data indefinitely for viewing. With the provided data the user will be able to contact aircraft operators directly, avoiding what can cost thousands of dollars in broker commissions traditionally. Operator Account and user management Since 2001 eCharterConnect software, was the first website to offer Absolute Fixed Guarantee Pricing that calculate pricing for private jets from takeoff and taxi times, wind speed, delay probabilities, flight time, crew charges, crew swap, takeoff & ramp fees, high density airport charges and much more. Also with this release launches the new operator backend platform, located at which allows for the operator to respond to customer's quote requests, post empty legs, update aircraft information, such as pricing, manufacturing and refurbishment date, aircraft photos, relevant insurance and safety information and any needed paperwork. With customers in mind, this new addition to its backend allows AirCharter’s list of 10,500 verified and accredited aircraft to continue growing. Users using this new system can get instant quotes with near flawless accuracy, giving customers an exact figure expected to pay for the trip. With a few