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Dassault’s 10X will fly 7,500nm powered by Pearls

The Falcon 10X will enter service at the end of 2025, with the biggest and most comfortable cabin on the market, and multiple interior configurations. Large windows and pure air will be popular with passengers. Dassault Aviation has announced an all-new Falcon jet that it says will deliver a level of comfort, versatility and technology unmatched by any purpose-built business jet. Featuring a range of 7,500 nm, the Falcon 10X will fly nonstop from New York to Shanghai, Los Angeles to Sydney, Hong Kong to New York or Paris to Santiago. Top speed will be Mach 0.925. “Today we are introducing a new benchmark in business aviation,” says Dassault chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “The Falcon 10X will offer an unrivalled passenger experience over both short and long duration flights, along with breakthrough safety features from Dassault's frontline fighter technology. We have optimised every aspect of the aircraft with the passenger in mind and established a new level of capability for ultra long range aircraft.” The Falcon 10X will enter service at the end of 2025. The 10X will have the biggest and most comfortable cabin on the market and offer greater modularity than any other aircraft in its class, with a selection of multiple interior configurations. The 10X is large enough to accommodate four cabin zones of equal length but owners can configure their cabin to create a truly customised interior, including for example an expanded dining/conference area, a dedicated entertainment area with a large screen monitor, a private stateroom with a queen size bed or an enlarged master suite with a private stand-up shower. “The 10X will be more than just another big step forward in business aviation. It will be absolutely the

A cross-border COVID collaboration saw EAA’s mother company Luxembourg Air Rescue honoured for outstanding work during the pandemic as a recipient of the Adenauer-De Gaulle Prize for 2020.

2020 will be remembered as a year like no other, when coronavirus forced everyone to find new ways to live and work. For Luxembourg airport-based European Air Ambulance (EAA), this meant adapting quickly but safely, using its experience to navigate 2020 and inform the way ahead into 2021 and beyond. Despite the difficulties, there were many positives and some major achievements for the EAA family. The most immediate was developing COVID-secure transport methods, a crucial requirement to be able to operate safely in the new reality of life in the pandemic. EAA already had experience of transporting patients with infectious diseases, most notably Ebola, and this gave it a head start in finding ways to deal with COVID while keeping patients and staff safe. New and streamlined procedures were put in place, along with protocols for staff to follow at every stage of a mission, depending on whether patients had a positive, negative or unconfirmed COVID status. In many cases EAA's infectious disease unit (IDU) was used. This tent-like module was originally designed for the transport of Ebola patients, but was adapted and is now being used solely for COVID missions. It ensures the patient and their belongings remain isolated from the aircraft and crew, but allows medical teams to administer necessary treatment, even intensive care, through pockets in the enclosure. Smaller isolation systems such as the Iso-Pod or EpiShuttle are also available for transport where appropriate. Other measures include airlock entry to and exit from the IDU, bagging of possessions in sealed and disinfected containers, staff disinfecting their colleagues and the secure bagging and incineration of all PPE. At the height of the first pandemic peak last summer, and at the request of the

AirCharter predicts surge in summer private jet travel bookings, as travellers look to avoid airport chaos

Leading aircraft charter specialist, , is predicting a summer ‘boom’ in travel bookings for its private jet division this year. Despite seeing a surge in private demand directly after the US's first lockdown last year, the global aircraft company is forecasting a 20% year on year increase in new customer enquiries between June and August 2021. It suggests that chaotic travel conditions this summer are set to drive more new customers to the private aviation sector – both in business and leisure travel. has already seen an 80% increase in new enquiries in March compared to February, as confidence in the ability to travel this summer is evidently growing. Booking figures did not see the same increase (by only 22%), as the majority of new enquiries came from customers that were making summer travel preparations without committing until the situation is more clear. John Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of LLC, comments: "What we are hearing from customers is that the lingering fear of coronavirus infection, along with the inevitable delays at airports, is driving this surge in interest. Travellers do not feel confident that flying by scheduled service will be a smooth process, as the Covid-19-related immigration requirements at airports will cause delays and additional stress. Travellers do not experience the same delays at private terminals and, as the pandemic continues to evolve, customers want to be able to fly back quickly if it looks like quarantine regulations will change.” is also expecting a resurgence in high-level business travel this summer and suggests that the economic benefits of private aviation have been overlooked in recent years. John continues: “We believe that business leaders are starting to realise that they are losing competitive

Why cargo charter is the solution to the scheduled capacity problem

With continued disruption to scheduled services severely impacting the capacity for cargo, a cargo charter could be the ideal solution. Everyone knows that scheduled airlines have suffered hugely during the Covid-19 pandemic, with flights still down around 40% in the first week of January 2021 compared to January 2020. But what you might not realise is the knock-on effect this has had on cargo transportation. Scheduled services typically have dedicated belly space for cargo, with sections of the hold that aren’t required for customer luggage filled with goods bound for the final destination. But with is it actually ‘most’? scheduled flights still grounded thanks to coronavirus-related travel restrictions and most of the limited remaining capacity earmarked for urgent medical supplies, standard cargo has been in danger of being left high and dry. And with passenger services not expected to return to pre-Covid levels for the foreseeable future, plus continued post-Brexit uncertainty and ocean freight supply chain issues making it difficult to ship cargo by road and sea, freight forwarders have had to think outside the box in order to keep shipments moving. This has led to the emergence of private cargo charter as a reliable and flexible alternative to belly freight, with the trend set to continue throughout 2021 and beyond as scheduled services recover. When the sharp rise in demand for cargo charters initially outstripped freighter availability, many carriers began transporting lightweight cargo in the empty cabins of passenger aircraft, removing seats and securing boxes to seat tracks on the floor with cargo nets. LLC arranged our first such charter in April 2020, moving PPE from Vietnam to Colombia in the hold of a Boeing 747-400F. For larger shipments such as automotive equipment