Private charter during the Coronavirus outbreak

We’re currently seeing increased demand for short notice on-demand private jet charter, relating to the Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Clients looking to take a private flight between a variety of global destinations during the coronavirus pandemic. Most are requests to fly as soon as possible (within 1-5 days) and the majority are for people flying home to their families, or looking to repatriate loved ones. Please be sure to add in the notes field the nationality of each passengers as some countries will only allow their citizens and resident to enter the country.

Where can I fly by private jet during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus Fulfilling requests is becoming more and more challenging during the coronavirus pandemic, both in terms of operational restrictions and in securing aircraft.

Of course private jets must adhere to the same government travel directives as airlines and we cannot fulfil all requested routes due to passenger restrictions and border controls. Some operators and owners are not taking on certain routes, which is limiting supply of aircraft during the coronavirus pandemic.

But being more agile and reactive than airlines, our industry is able to operate last minute flights – within what’s operationally possible. And to react immediately when restrictions are lifted.

Travel and border restrictions are increasingly being put in place but we are doing everything we can to keep passengers moving, back home or wherever they need to reach during the coronavirus pandemic.

At we are taking this crisis situation extremely seriously. Our Safety Officers in both the US and abroad are working closely with our teams and our operator suppliers, so that we can continue to keep clients moving as much as we possibly can, within the travel restrictions that are increasingly being out in place – and while taking every precaution to protect the safety and health of both passengers and crews.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a revised Safety Information Bulletin outlining recommendations for aircraft operators, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading, including additional cleaning protocols, and operational recommendations for how to handle and contain any suspected cases. Read more on private jet cleaning and safety procedures during COVID-19 below.

Safety first during the coronavirus pandemic

Now, more than ever, our safety first approach to private jet travel stands at the heart of our commitment to our clients, crew and staff. The entire team at is dedicated to providing our clients with safe and secure access to travel.

Our Safety and Operations protocols are derived directly from organizations including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We have implemented the following safety procedures for all our flight operations:

Deep Aircraft Sanitation

Under normal circumstances, the private jet charter aircraft in our network are thoroughly cleaned between each flight, ready to welcome each group of passengers. However in recent weeks, to further protect our customers and crews, our operator suppliers have implemented even more rigorous cleaning with industrial disinfectants.

The family fleet aircraft that we charter from operators within our parent group Directional Aviation for example, are disinfected with a special antiviral product before each flight. They are also equipped with sanitary kits including masks, gloves and sanitiser, which passengers can choose to use.

The video below shows a team from aviation detailing supplier Finesse Aviation applying the leading antiviral Bacoban Aerospace disinfectant to the cabin of one of our group’s Legacy 600 aircraft. As you can see, the whole cabin is deep cleaned, paying particular attention to high-touch areas such as arm rests, tables, passenger controls, window blinds, door pulls and of course the restroom.

  •  Prior to boarding, the entire interior of the aircraft cabin will have been thoroughly sanitized.
  • A supply of hand sanitizer will be readily accessible to passengers for use while onboard the aircraft.
  • Suitable quantities of supplies are on board to complete the anticipated trips during the journey.

Procedures for ensuring safe flights

  • Pilots and crew will be alert for any passengers who exhibit potential infection indicators.
  • A symptomatic passenger may be advised to contact their physician and denied boarding if they do not have appropriate medical clearance.
  • Passengers will also be advised that is required to report carriage of infected persons to the CDC.

International flight operations

  • TSA has issued security directives that restricts entry into the U.S. for individuals that have recently been in certain quarantine regions.
  • We are required to solicit recent travel information for all passengers inbound to the U.S. That affidavit information will be available to the flight crew and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents.
  • Crewmembers may also be required to inspect passenger passports for evidence of recent travel to/from quarantine region(s).

Social distancing between crew and passengers

In order to meet social distancing guidelines recommended by health professionals and to protect both passengers and crew, air crews have also changed their service procedures.

While usually passengers are greeted by the crew with a handshake, pilots are now using a wave instead. Inside the cabin, they keep as much distance as possible between themselves and the passengers, using the aircraft’s sound system to give safety instructions if possible. On larger private jets with multi-zone cabins (such as the Falcon 7X or Gulfstream G650), passengers can remain isolated from the crew, if they wish.

Depending on the airport and aircraft type, some passengers can have their car park directly outside the aircraft, either on departure or arrival – with the necessary immigration and security conducted from their vehicle.

We are committed to keeping all our “family” and our clients feeling as safe and secure as we would our own families. We will continue to keep you updated on all developments and we appreciate the trust you place in us for your private travel  during the coronavirus pandemic.
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