Best 14 passenger private jet

Can you travel a long distance without having to go commercial? Does your old jet have a smaller cabin? Do You feel like its not spacious enough for you? Are you looking for an recently updated interior with ways to entertain you and your group during your flight? With air charter, you can book a Gulfstream 450 to get you to your destination around the globe. Such aircraft is perfect for families and business groups. With it max capacity of 16 passengers, and a cabin, making it spacious enough for you and your family/group to travel a long distance comfortably. This aircraft has a range of 4,350 NM, and maximum take-o ff weight of 73,900 LBs. Although these specs might come off less economical-fuel wise, it only uses 1 gallon of fuel for each mile, which is excellent for such an aircraft.

With a lot of options available to you, it might be a little conflicting for you to decide which aircraft fits your needs well. The Gulfstream 450 is not only the best large-cabin, long-range aircraft in its category, it’s also a direct descendent of the storied GIV-series aircraft, the best-selling business plane in the world, making this jet more efficient, dependable, powerful, fuel-efficient and comfortable than its past sister jets. Pilots say it flies better, too. It is the kind of comfort and convenience you would experience on a Gulfstream. While the G450 may not be the flagship of its firm, it is a top large-cabin choice for all for the medium distance trips.

Large or heavy jets are the largest private aircraft, accommodating an average of 12 passengers comfortably. Some can hold up to 20. Planes like the Falcon 900 series, Gulfstream II and Challenger 605 are able to fly 9 hours or 4,000 miles nonstop. With such long-range abilities, these jets have first-class seating, and sometimes have a private sleeping area. Along with a pilot, heavy jets also have flight attendants to help insure the safety of the passengers, and to tend their needs.