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Air Charter can provide the perfect charter solution for your requirements. Whether you're planning your Air Charter to cross the country or the international date line, Air Charter has the perfect private aircraft for your travels. Whether it is a corporate business trip to  create more time for your team or to visit customers; Air Charter offers a total solution with an array of comprehensive services that will meet every travel demand.  Our services range from a Nationwide air taxi system to available helicopters to props to business jets to airliners and everything in-between. Our preferred partner network provides more than 12,800 aircraft around the world. You will always receive personalized services and our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort for all of your passengers. Air Charter also provides cargo and equipment transport worldwide. What advantages does air chartering a private airplane have over traveling with the commercial airlines? Chartering a private aircraft provides you with numerous advantages that commercial airlines cannot offer. Differences include: Air Charter offers the ability to reserve a private aircraft for the time that best fits your schedule Access to over 5,000 airports, whereas commercial airlines are limited to just over 500 Passengers on private aircraft depart without waiting in security or baggage claim lines Aircraft charter provides the flexibility to immediately adjust to your schedule and itinerary changes. Aircraft charter offers passengers ultimate privacy during flight, enabling them to be as productive as they choose Customers are able to visit multiple cities within a day, which allows them to take full advantage of time and maximize efficiency Why is Air Charter a good travel solution? Air Charter enables you to fly when you want and