Many charter customers have complained about their inability to carry their beloved pets on board Private Jet Charters within the continental USA and international travel. At we offer a select variety of pet friendly Private Jet Charter aircraft, carriers, and operators. We work closely with FBOs that offer both human and pet VIP receptions and catering for you and your precious pet. We understand the love you have for your companion, which is why it is as important for us as it is to you to treat your pet with the upmost respect it deserves. Our Private Jet Charter Executives can offer pet passport solutions, pet friendly hotels, and special on board requests. We have accommodated various types of pets on board our selected aircraft, from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, to baby tigers and much more. Our Private Jet Charter Executives have a select list and relationship with pet friendly hotels. Specialised catering is possible for your pet, from pre-prepared meals to the highest pedigree pet food. Everything is just a call away. Your pets will be able to travel with you in the cabin, on the comfortable leather seats, with no need for cages or restraints. In special cases, we can send your pet in their own private jet, with a trained flight attendant to cater to their every need. The luxurious interiors of our aircraft along with your beloved companion makes way for pleasing sights and relaxation on board. Nothing beats you and your loved companion traveling in a Private Jet Charter. There is usually no additional cost for bringing your beloved pet onboard your private jet, with the exception of VIP catering for your pet.