Organ Transplant Transportation

The immediate nature of organ transplant transportation is becoming more and more difficult without the use of private jet charter or private helicopter transport. It is recommended that vital organs such as the heart should be transplanted within four hours of removal from the donor. Private jet rental for air ambulance is not only used for transportation of the organs themselves, but for for the transportation of doctors to and from critical locations. Cases such as these highly time sensitive situations including the transportation of injured persons, are greatly aided by the on-demand nature of private jet charter.

For many consecutive years, has demonstrated reliable and expedited services in the most demanding and complex situations that have allowed us to earn the trust of thousands of clients. is the leading charter provider for industries that require immediate turn-time and specialized handling.

Time sensitive deliveries of transportation such as these are almost impossible to transport simply by ground delivery. The variables brought on by potential traffic may cause the loss of life in these extreme circumstances where the organ in question cannot reach its intended destination on time. There is almost no reason to ever transport an organ by ground transportation unless the distance is under 100 miles.

In terms of commercial airliners transporting these organs via commercial travel, the time lost in transportation and waiting times in total may exceed four hours, which would make it too late for the organ to be transplanted with a high success rate. Long lines at large airports with baggage checks and security checks are most certainly going to delay this priority organ. Even in terms of airspeed, A Boeing 767 only has a cruise speed of 529 mph, whereas something as small as a citation X cruises at 604 mph. The risks of transporting a vital organ through any form of commercial transportation can put said organ at risk, it is a hassle to transport this organ as a carry-on, and it would suffer horrible risks in the cargo compartment, which tends to be depressurized and very cold.

The advantages brought to you by air ambulance charter start with the ability to fly out of the nearest airport to your hospital, shaving off hours possibly from the total time of transportation. Helicopter transport can be organized to relocate you to the nearest airport where a private jet would help you reach your destination on time. You would be able to land in the same airport you would be taking off from, making your wait time at this airport mere minutes instead of an hour for commercial transportation. Remember that a Boeing 767 cruises at 529 mph and the citation X cruises at 604 mph, but this is not a top speed of the citation X. The citation X could fly up to 711 mph if need be, ordering your pilot on a private jet to fly faster is a possibility if the immediate nature of this organ transplant requires it.

The privacy and speed brought by chartering an air ambulance are incomparable to other methods of transportation. Since operates around the clock, you can count on us when the organ becomes available. We understand that organ retrievals require immediate response, so we recommend contacting our Medivac Specialists at (212) 999-4926 to discuss availability, payment arrangements, and many other details.

With only a few hours’ notice, our Medivac Specialists can make last minute charter arrangements.