Private flights to the Caribbean is responsible for thousands of trips to Caribbean destinations annually. With 30 years of private jet charter experience, is your go-to destination for any private aircraft trips to any Caribbean island of your choosing. With many types of available aircraft from 4 passenger turboprops to large gulf streams capable of carrying 16 passengers in the ultimate luxury. Looking to transport a large group of passengers? can also offer airliners with VIP configurations to make sure your entire group travels as comfortably as possible. The Caribbean is a very popular all year round destination due to constant sunny weather and beautiful beaches. Our customers tend to enjoy both summertime and wintertime travels to the Caribbean equally, with a noticeable decline during wall and spring seasons, as other destinations become more popular during these times. Private jet charter is the best way to travel with your group, avoid long lines at airports and TSA inspections, after a brief search of under 5 minutes for the entire aircraft’s passengers, you can be transported right to the entrance of your aircraft in mere minutes instead of the expected hours necessary at any large airport.


At only a short flight from the US East Coast, Turks and Caicos Islands are home to vibrant underwater diversity that attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the world. The amazing uncrowded beaches, relaxing atmosphere and thrilling underwater gems are a perfect combination for a relaxing adventure. During your stay on the Turks and Caicos Islands, you can spend hours bird watching 170 species of exotic and rare birds, or take a tour of the sea conch farms and enjoy conch tasting, explore the natural beauty of the coasts on foot or on clear water kayak. The water sports available are enriched by the chance of viewing humpback whales or Jojo the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin considered a National Treasure. Enjoy a throwback tram ride back to the city or over to the Provo Golf and Country Club.

The islands are equipped with world class hotels, spas and restaurants to accommodate for your comfort and enjoyment. The islands’ currency is in US Dollar, so you should not worry about exchange rates. Tipping is standard practice for taxis, waiters and the likes. A US, UK, Canada, Commonwealth country, or International drivers license is valid for use the first 30 days of your stay.

Amongst the scattered 700 islands, mesmerizing views and feelings spreading through the mind and body paint a picture of an age-old historic sea hub. Once pursued by Christopher Columbus and his fleet of 3 ships (Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria) and the likes of pirates and smugglers, this island is an ideal destination for the go-getters of today’s world.

A rich and partly indigenous culture underlies the eventful charm of the Bahamas. No place in the Caribbean Sea is more popular with boating and yachting with its vibrant sea life full of deep sea fish for those keen. Like most Caribbean Sea islands, the diving culture is like no other with blue holes, caverns, underwater caves, walls and reefs, and the abundance of wrecked ships available for underwater exploration.

The Bahamas are synonymous for their romantic nature attracting couples and newlywed and older honeymooners for a slow paced, chill paradise for just the two to live out the romance of their lifetime. Get pampered like never before at The Abacos club and get any kind of massage you can name, have your body taken care of with personalized skincare, body treatments and body enhancements for those keen. Spa services and fitness centers provide an ease of getting your body in the shape you please.

Take a specialized chocolate factory tour in Nassau and Paradise Island to fill your endorphin cravings to last you a whole season. Enjoy local cuisine of conch and chicken or go to lengths to try a local “hamburger” substituting beef with conch. Have a fantastic time at the annual Crab Fest in Andros or the Pineapple Festival in Eleuthera to enjoy an array of crafted food from around the area.

Rated “Traveler’s Choice” in 2014 and the World’s Friendliest country by Forbes in 2012, the Cayman Islands cannot go unseen. Grand Cayman Island is home to the famous 7 mile white sand beach stretching further than the eye can see where peaceful relaxation, warm waters and a smooth breeze are sure to free you of your troubles. The metropolitan district in Grand Cayman is filled with lush luxury brands like Versace, Gucci and Tiffany because of the duty-free status of the Cayman Islands. The warm waters provide an amazing serving of seafood and aquatic life, with the unique chance to swim and play with Southern Stingrays.

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