The private jet charter industry is one that is constantly evolving. Every day there are new players, aircraft owners, operators, brokers and new customers join the industry on a daily basis. But what has changed about private jet charter? Isn’t the private jet charter business a dying industry? Quite the contrary, there will always be a need for private charter companies. High profile sports teams, production teams and actors, and businessmen and politicians will always need aircraft, most aircraft owners own a light or mid sized jet, that is no good for a conference, a transatlantic trip, or simply a vacation with the extended family or friends. Investing into a large aircraft is a multi million dollar ordeal and no individual in their right mind would spend 60 million dollars on a jet they would use once every 24 months, even if handed over to a managing operator, return of investment for aircraft of that scale is by decade due to the great choice all over the world in aircraft. We have access to over 9000 aircraft, located all over the world, every aircraft has a customer who is the perfect match. Wether you request the nearest available or the most luxurious or the fastest aircraft, we will be able to cater to your every needs. Of course more and more individuals are purchasing private aircraft, but besides personal use, those aircraft’s years on the tarmac are a waste of funds over the years, aircraft will only lose value, with some very rare exceptions. The private jet charter industry is doing very well, just as luxury cars and yachts are doing, the VIP industry is one with a nonstop flow of potential customers, every customer wants his/her privacy, safety, and comfort above anything else, and the private jet charter industry is here for that.

Aircharter has been a leader in private jet charter since 1985, we have the experience and skill necessary to accommodate any need you may have, contact us today or simply enter your trip information and our very accurate booking engine will give you pricing for a variety of aircraft.