Confirmed Airliner Availability for World Cup

Confirmed Airliner Availability for World Cup In anticipation of the 2014 Fifa world cup, will have 2 airliners stationed full time in brazil for domestic flights. Aircharter is happy to assist anyone wishing to charter an aircraft within Brazil, or nearby. the aircraft are authorised to fly in brazil and pick up from many possible destinations. Availability is very hard to find with the Fifa World Cup in progress, and will continue to move aircraft to brazil to fly domestic flights if needed. Contact us with your request and will be very happy to help you for as many flights or as many days as possible while availability lasts. We have 2 Boeing 767s on site at the following locations: 218 Passenger 767-200 currently in East Bank Demerara, Guyana 240 passenger 767-200 currently in Natal, Brazil The calendars above will be up to date, as will the real-time location for the aircraft Aircharter can arrange for private VIP charter for your sports team. With many options available for 20-200 passengers, you can carry your whole team, and even some fans. Flying commercial always has it’s downsides with long security checks, no privacy, and longer wait times. Chartering your own private aircraft means having the ultimate in flying luxury, more leg room, head room, lie-flat seats, VIP catering and the most luxurious in service. Our airliner sized aircraft have on board staterooms, conference rooms, full kitchens, and showers. Aircharter offers everything from fully coach or business class configured airliners, to airliners configured with 150 sleeper suites, each with a lie flat seat and entertainment system. Last minute flights from anywhere in the world are ready for your group or your team. With high commercial air traffic in the area, private charter

Why fly through

Why fly through instead of going directly to an aircraft owner or operator? Most customers believe that going to the source is always the best way to do business, but in private jet charter, the game is very different. Going to an aircraft owner or operator never means you will be getting the best price. We at have developed years of bonds with our aircraft owners and operators in order to receive the best possible service and pricing. Very often, you will be paying the exact same figure, but with a great deal of extra effort. It is never enough to have one option, here at, we make sure that any live trip, no matter how large always has at least 3 different aircraft options, in case of mechanical failure, there will always be a backup aircraft. Though this backup aircraft may be more pricey than the first option, it will at least make sure you are always home on time. Booking directly with the aircraft owner instantly locks you into a contract, meaning any flight changes will very likely be billed, and in case of any sort of mechanical issue with the aircraft, you will be stuck with no options in sight besides a few suggestions from the aircraft owner of other nearby aircraft of the same calibre, but when it comes to last minute bookings (under 6 hours) it has been shown that availability drops to about 2-3% at a national level, meaning you would need to call about 50 different aircraft owners or operators to get at least 1 available aircraft. Needles to say said aircraft will cost an arm and a leg due to the near-zero notice given

L’équipe du Ghana 2014 s’envol pour la coupe du Monde de la FIFA avec

L’équipe du Ghana 2014 s’envol pour la coupe du Monde de la FIFA avec L’équipe de Ghana 2014 s’envol pour la coupe du Monde de la FIFA avec New York - L'équipe nationale du Ghana commence ses préparatifs pour le tournoi avec un match amical contre l'équipe nationale de la  Corée du Sud lundi 9 Juin au Sun Life Stadium à Miami. a été sélectionné pour prendre en charge l’affrètement  de l'équipe nationale du Ghana à la Coupe du Monde 2014 au Brésil après leur réunion communautaire à Washington DC, et  avant de partir pour leur base dans le pays d'Amérique latine. est fier d'être le transporteur officiel des Black Stars lors de la Coupe du Monde 2014 au Brésil Les Membres de l’équipe du Ghana, le personnel ainsi que leurs fans  se rendront  au Brésil  à bord d’un  Boeing 767-200 entièrement personnalisé, avec 180 sièges, Le confort et le traitement VIP seront au RDV;  une restauration VIP  sera servi  par les agents de bord  sur un vol pour à destination de Salvador au Brésil. L'équipe nationale du Ghana sera à  l'atterrissage à l'aéroport de Salvador à 11h30 (heure locale) le 11 Juin,  une fête de bienvenue sera au RDV sur place Leur premier match sera contre l'équipe nationale des Etats-Unis lundi 16 Juin, Suivi par les autres Matchs  avec l'Allemagne, le Portugal et nous l’espérons,  avec d'autres équipes! Nous sommes heureux que les Black Stars du Ghana ont  sélectionné parmi  plusieurs autres sociétés d’affrètement. Nous souhaitons Bonne chance à l'équipe National du GHANA   " La plupart de nos destinations d'affaires sont des endroits que peut nous assurer. Un vol aux Etats Unies  ou au Brésil, avec c’est

Private Jet Prices

Private Jet Prices Many people wonder what are the costs of owning or chartering a private jet. Very few people realise that the cost of ownership for a private jet is not only a one time payment, but a challenge. Upkeep costs, parking, registration, fuel costs, refurbishment costs, and of course mechanical upkeep can be valued at hundreds of thousand dollars a year, and can quickly pile up. Below we will explain a few different scenarios by giving real world examples of three different private jet prices. Firstly, let’s look at a lear 40. A light jet well known for its range, a great jet to own. The lear 40 usually is configured for 7 or 8 passengers and is quite comfortable to fly in, and is known for being quite mechanically stable. Many prefer the lear 35A but the lear 35 has been discontinued for 10 years now, buying a new jet is no longer possible. A new Learjet 40 costs approximately $9.5 Million. Where as chartering one costs approximately $2900 an hour to charter. Lets remove the cost of fuel, because a private owner would have to pay for fuel. Fuel comes to approximately $700 an hour, leaving us with a $2200 an hour cost. A flat calculation tells us if one were to fly more than 4318 hours, buying the Learjet 40 would be a better option. But realistically, even then, a frequent flyer with an average of two hours of flight per day, everyday, would mean the accumulation of those flight hours would take nearly 24 years. No private owner would keep a jet for 24 years, and even if they did, maintenance costs over 24 years would be something very