Embraer RJ145 – Regional Airliner (ERJ145)

Embraer RJ145 ( Regional Jet 145) The RJ145 is a 50 passenger regional airliner developed by Embraer, the Brazilian aerospace company best known for the Phenom and Legacy series of aircraft commonly used for private charter. At a maximum of 98 feet long, the Embraer RJ145 is the same length as many long ranged business jets such as the Gulfstream G650 (99 feet long) and the Bombardier Global Express 6000 (96 feet long). This regional airliner does not offer the same in-cabin amenities as it’s VIP configured long range jet counterpart, instead, all available cabin room is devoted to seating. The Embraer RJ145 allows for regional travel for large groups without having to fly in a commercial airliner. Since most large jets are limited to 19 passengers, the Embraer RJ145 fulfills the mid-range passenger count (30 - 50 passengers) at a reasonable hourly rate. Here we can see the cabin in a standard 2+1 configuration Embraer RJ145 Because the Embraer RJ145 is essentially a large private jet, the 50 passenger capacity of this aircraft severely limits its range to 1,017 nautical miles. This sort of range is normal for regional airliners, which tend to have a maximum range of slightly under 2,000 nautical miles. These aircraft are perfect for small domestic flights with up to 50 passengers. Most often configured in a 2+1 configuration, the ERJ145 maximizes the on-board space available for holding passengers. Chartering an ERJ145 can cost between $7,600 and $12,000 an hour depending on location and availability. U.S. based RJ145s tend to be under $10,000 an hour and when calculated for the maximum capacity of 50 passengers, this aircraft costs $200 per passenger per hour, which is remarkably inexpensive for a