The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has handed Gulfstream the production and type certificates needed for deliveries of the Gulfstream G600 aircraft to begin.

Whilst the type certificate confirms that the aircraft complies with aviation safety regulations, the production certificate is only given to an aircraft once the manufacturer demonstrates that its quality management systems and manufacturing processes meet FAA standards in the Gulfstream G600.

“These rigorous and thorough certification processes ensure we deliver a first-rate aircraft that exceeds expectations,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. We can’t wait to put the newest member of our aircraft family — one that spectacularly combines performance, efficiency, technology and comfort that are second to none — into the hands of our worldwide customers.”

The Gulfstream G600 becomes the third Gulfstream aircraft to receive its production and type certificates on the same day. The first was the Gulfstream G550 in 2003 followed by the Gulfstream G500 in 2018.

The G500 and Gulfstream G600 were both launched on the same day in 2014, with Gulfstream surprising the world by having the prototype Gulfstream G500 taxi into view at the unveiling under its own power.

The G600 is unofficially the replacement for Gulfstream’s 600+ selling G550.

Gulfstream says that the dual certification clears the way for deliveries to begin to customers as per the company’s schedule this year.

Announced customers for the Gulfstream G600 include Qatar Executive. The Doha-based operator placed a $1.5 billion order with Gulfstream in 2015 for a 30-aircraft mixture of G500s, Gulfstream G600s and G650ERs.