Private Golf Charter


Looking to fly to Pine valley or Royal County down for your next golf trip? Private golf charter can be arranged for you at a moments notice. You can fly to any of the worlds most popular or most obscure golf courses in ultimate luxury. Why settle for first class when you and a group of 7 friends can fly for the same figure as flying first class. Private golf charter means flying in the most comfortable aircraft possible, with a fully trained in VIP crew, the most amazing catering, and speed unrivaled by any other form of transportation.private golf charter
Waiting times for commercial aircraft can take hours whereas the waiting time to get on board your chartered aircraft can be only a matter of minutes. Being able to remove hours from the total length of your trip means that it is not necessary for you to get to the airport as early as you would as a first-class traveler and leaves you more time to enjoy your golfing and less time standing at the airport, when it comers to golfing at the best locations, private golf charter is the way to go.
The risks of transporting your favorite golf bag through any form of commercial transportation can put your valuables at risk, it is a hassle to transport your valuables as a carry-on, and it would suffer horrible risks in the cargo compartment, which tends to be depressurized and very cold. You would be able to carry all of your golf bags in the cabin if needed, and if there is a lack of space, private jets luckily have pressurized, sealed cargo areas.

Let’s evaluate the price to fly from your home with 7 friends on a lear 35A, assuming you live in Massachusetts. Below are estimations for the top 5 golf courses courtesy of GolfDigest:


PINE VALLEY G.C. – Pine Valley, NJ, U.S.A $5,559.00 or $694.87 per passenger
CYPRESS POINT CLUB – Pebble Beach, CA U.S.A. $22,615.00 or $2,826.87 per passenger
AUGUSTA NATIONAL G.C. – Augusta, GA, U.S.A $11,719.00 or $1,464.87 per passenger
ROYAL COUNTY DOWN G.C. – Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland $31,432.00 or $3,929.00 per passenger
SHINNECOCK HILLS G.C. – Southampton, NY, U.S.A. $4,679.00 or $584.87 per passenger

Estimated pricing above is for a round trip returning the next day. (A mid sized jet was used to fly to Ireland and California, as a light jet would not have sufficed)

There is no limitation for customization, special requests are always treated with the utmost importance at, everything from pet-friendly aircraft to specific dining and drink choices, even availability of satellite phones and on-board wifi can be arranged without an issue. Making sure our customers travel in style is our top priority. Our aircraft offer larger groups of VIPs and executives luxurious intercontinental travel. Many of the top end models include seated conference areas, living room areas, master bedrooms and even shower rooms. Typical heavy private jet rental includes stand-up cabins, onboard entertainment and communications, hot meal service, flight attendant, onboard toilets and washrooms.
Private gold charter via private jet is the way to go for your next golf trip, flying to first class golf courses with royal-level comfort and catering is easy as contacting us today to book a flight.