Aircharter.com launches version II of it’s echarterconnect software

This means instant online pricing for customers New York City, Oct 21, 2014/Aircharter.com LLC/- Aircharter, known for echarterconnect software, has offered an online booking engine to calculate pricing on private jets for years now, calculating everything from takeoff times, taxi times, wind speed, potential delay probabilities, flight time, et cetera. Now Aircharter launches its operator backend system, allowing for nearly fully automated requests, aircraft owners will be able to instantly update all aircraft information, including pricing, manufacturing and refurbishment date, and aircraft photos and relevant insurance and safety paperwork. With the customer in mind, this new addition to Aircharter's backend allows Aircharter's list of verified and accredited aircraft to continue growing, currently with over 10,000 fully verified aircraft in relay with the booking engine. This allows any customer to receive a web quote on the Aircharter.com booking engine with near flawless accuracy, giving the customer a glimpse of the exact ballpark figure the customer would expect to pay for his/her trip. About Aircharter.com LLC Since 1996, AirCharter.com has provided online air charter booking services to a wide array of customers, including business and leisure travelers, sports teams and corporations worldwide. Through AirCharter’s online booking system, travelers can get quick quotes and book domestic and international travel on more than 2,200 aircraft, including jets and turboprops. Founded in 1985, Air Charter has become the market leaders in providing world wide private jet charter services. Born out of the desire to provide clients with a simpler and more understandable way to buy charter services, Air Charter was founded on the principle of placing the client’s needs first. William Harris Aircharter.com LLC press@aircharter.com www.aircharter.com

Precios de Jet Privado

Jet Privado Mucha gente se pregunta cuáles son los costos de poseer o alquilar un jet privado. Muy pocas personas se dan cuenta de que el costo de propiedad de un jet privado no es sólo un pago único, sino un desafío. Los gastos de conservación, estacionamiento, registro, costos de combustibles, costos de rehabilitación, y por supuesto el mantenimiento mecánico pueden ser valorados en cientos de miles de dólares al año, y pueden acumularse rápidamente. A continuación vamos a explicar una serie de escenarios diferentes, dando ejemplos del mundo real de los tres precios diferentes de jets privados. En primer lugar, echemos un vistazo a un lear jet 40 A la luz conocida por su gama, un gran chorro de poseer. El Lear 40 normalmente está configurado para 7 u 8 pasajeros y es muy cómodo para viajar, y es conocido por ser muy estable mecánicamente. Muchos prefieren el 35A lear pero el lear 35 ha sido descontinuado desde hace 10 años, la compra de un nuevo avión ya no es posible. Un nuevo Learjet 40 cuesta aproximadamente $ 9,5 millones. Donde como el alquiler de un costo aproximado de $ 2.900 por hora de alquilar. Vamos a eliminar el costo del combustible, debido a que un propietario privado tendría que pagar por el combustible. Combustible trata de aproximadamente 700 dólares la hora, dejándonos con un costo de $ 2200 una hora. Un cálculo plana nos dice si uno fuera a volar más de 4.318 horas, la compra del Learjet 40 sería una mejor opción. Pero, siendo realistas, incluso entonces, un viajero frecuente con un promedio de dos horas de vuelo por día, todos los días, significaría la acumulación de esas horas de vuelo tomaría

Confirmed Airliner Availability for World Cup

Confirmed Airliner Availability for World Cup In anticipation of the 2014 Fifa world cup, Aircharter.com will have 2 airliners stationed full time in brazil for domestic flights. Aircharter is happy to assist anyone wishing to charter an aircraft within Brazil, or nearby. the aircraft are authorised to fly in brazil and pick up from many possible destinations. Availability is very hard to find with the Fifa World Cup in progress, and Aircharter.com will continue to move aircraft to brazil to fly domestic flights if needed. Contact us with your request and Aircharter.com will be very happy to help you for as many flights or as many days as possible while availability lasts. We have 2 Boeing 767s on site at the following locations: 218 Passenger 767-200 currently in East Bank Demerara, Guyana 240 passenger 767-200 currently in Natal, Brazil The calendars above will be up to date, as will the real-time location for the aircraft Aircharter can arrange for private VIP charter for your sports team. With many options available for 20-200 passengers, you can carry your whole team, and even some fans. Flying commercial always has it’s downsides with long security checks, no privacy, and longer wait times. Chartering your own private aircraft means having the ultimate in flying luxury, more leg room, head room, lie-flat seats, VIP catering and the most luxurious in service. Our airliner sized aircraft have on board staterooms, conference rooms, full kitchens, and showers. Aircharter offers everything from fully coach or business class configured airliners, to airliners configured with 150 sleeper suites, each with a lie flat seat and entertainment system. Last minute flights from anywhere in the world are ready for your group or your team. With high commercial air traffic in the area, private charter

Why fly through Aircharter.com?

Why fly through Aircharter.com instead of going directly to an aircraft owner or operator? Most customers believe that going to the source is always the best way to do business, but in private jet charter, the game is very different. Going to an aircraft owner or operator never means you will be getting the best price. We at Aircharter.com have developed years of bonds with our aircraft owners and operators in order to receive the best possible service and pricing. Very often, you will be paying the exact same figure, but with a great deal of extra effort. It is never enough to have one option, here at aircharter.com, we make sure that any live trip, no matter how large always has at least 3 different aircraft options, in case of mechanical failure, there will always be a backup aircraft. Though this backup aircraft may be more pricey than the first option, it will at least make sure you are always home on time. Booking directly with the aircraft owner instantly locks you into a contract, meaning any flight changes will very likely be billed, and in case of any sort of mechanical issue with the aircraft, you will be stuck with no options in sight besides a few suggestions from the aircraft owner of other nearby aircraft of the same calibre, but when it comes to last minute bookings (under 6 hours) it has been shown that availability drops to about 2-3% at a national level, meaning you would need to call about 50 different aircraft owners or operators to get at least 1 available aircraft. Needles to say said aircraft will cost an arm and a leg due to the near-zero notice given

Charter Flights to Cuba

Cuba is a very popular international charter destination, and chartered flights to Cuba are becoming more and more popular. For sure some of this is based on the principle of forbidden fruit, and some people are interested simply because our government makes it virtually impracticable for most American citizens to visit the Caribbean island. However, much of it is Cuba’s legitimate appeal, be it cultural, natural, musical or historical, and for a variety of reasons, there is a sizeable audience of Americans who would like to visit Cuba. Now you can. Although the Cuban government permits US citizens to visit, the US Government restricts its citizens from traveling there except under some circumstances in which a license is required. This type of license splits into two categories: ·        General license: No paperwork needed, and applies to the following: 1.      Person on a government related business trip. 2.    Professional journalist on an assignment. 3.    Person visiting close family of Cuban nationality. 4.    Full-time professionals conducting researcher on official business trips. ·        Specific license: Requires paperwork and Department of state approval. This license may be granted under the following: 1.      Full time graduate students conducting academic research towards graduation. 2.    Individuals Engaging in humanitarian projects. 3.    self-employed journalists. 4.    People engaging in religious activities. 5.     Persons visiting close family in Cuba who are not Cuba nationals. 6.    US academic professional that teach in US institutions. 7.     Persons involving non-profit cultural exhibition. 8.    Individuals are participating in a study abroad program that is at least for 10 weeks or longer. With a license of such that can be issued by department of treasury, a US citizen can travel to Cuba with no issue. However, there are still complications due

Fastest Private Jets

Every business traveller wants to know the fastest private plane available for their trip. When time is of the essence, price is often unimportant when you have multiple meetings during the same day. No VIP traveller wants to be on an aircraft for the majority of the day, so here are some options we have gathered for you. These are the best and fastest private jets on the market. The first private jet that comes to mind is of course the: Citation X The Citation X is marketed as the worlds fastest private jet, and it is. As a mid sized jet, the Citation X carries 7 to 12 passengers at a cruising speed of Mach 0.92 (700 mph) It's interior is very comfortable for a jet of this size and speed. With a range of 3200 nm and the ability to take off from a runway of 5,140 feet, it works great for small or large domestic flights. This allows you almost every single pair of cities in the United States. Of course longer flights such as Maine to California will be slightly outside of it's range. The Citation X is the fastest private jet, but a 30-40 minute refuelling stop may cut into your day. For trips under 3000 nm, this is the jet of choice. Our runner up may be a bit slower than the Citation X, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in range, we present the: Falcon 7X The falcon 7x travels at Mach 0.9 or 685 miles an hour, and can seat up to 19 passengers. It boasts a beautiful interior and exterior, many comfort options and the newest in flight technology. It's selling point though, is the 5,900

Nuevas Oficinas Internacionales de Aircharter

Con el fin de ayudar mejor a nuestros clientes internacionales, dos oficinas internacionales Aircharter han añadido a principios de 2014. Estos incluyen nuestra nueva oficina en Londres y Casablanca. Ambas oficinas permiten Aircharter para ofrecer alrededor de los expertos charter despertador. Todas disponibles en Inglés, francés, y español. Y muy pronto, el árabe para viajes de Oriente Medio. Nuestro equipo de alquiler de jet de negocios altamente capacitado es ahora mucho más grande y sigue creciendo. Ahora ofrecemos apoyo instantáneo chat en línea en francés y en español, así como agentes de asistencia telefónica y de reserva. Le representamos, nuestros valiosos clientes. Usted nos dice sus necesidades, le ofrecemos un servicio completo, seguridad, seguridad, lujo y comodidad a los mejores precios posibles, con un preaviso de tan sólo cuatro horas, el acceso a cualquier parte del mundo. Sólo tienes que utilizar el motor de búsqueda para obtener una cotización al instante.   Londres UK Oficina Londres Kensington Olympia Crown House, 72 Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, Londres, W14 8TH, Reino Unido Telefono (+44) 20-3582-4097   MEA Oficina 1 Rue Abou Hadil Allaf, 20070 Casablanca, Morocco Telefono (+212) 520-423-104 Fax (+212) 522-224-894

Cómo reservar un jet privado?

Cómo reservar un jet privado? No sé cómo reservar un jet privado? Hay muchos planes para la venta de bloques de tiempo privado de alquiler de jet, y más se inventan todos los días. Pero rara vez hay alguna ventaja sobre un charter privado. El problema con esquemas como miembro del bloque de la carta es que, al igual que la propiedad fraccional, requieren la posible empresa a pagar una gran cantidad de dinero por adelantado. El ahorro que se realice mediante la utilización de un charter privado tradicional, como y cuando lo necesite, es importante - y sin ningún compromiso en absoluto. Tendrá que pagar sólo las horas que vuelan, todos los costos y honorarios se incluirán en su precio por adelantado, lo que permite que te preocupes por cosas mucho más importantes que sus acuerdos privados de alquiler de jet. Toda la restauración y el transporte terrestre puede ser personalizado específicamente para sus necesidades. Nuestros especialistas charter de primera categoría son los mejores en la industria. La reserva es tan fácil como 1 - 2 - 3! De: https://www.aircharter.com/book-a-private-jet/

Charters de última hora para la Copa Mundial de la FIFA

Charters de última hora para la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Charters de última hora para la Copa Mundial de la FIFA están disponibles en aircharter.com. Muy pronto, los mejores equipos de fútbol de todos los continentes se reproducirán en Brasil para la Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2014! Si estás interesado en asistir, este sería el mejor momento para reservar su chárter para viajar a Brasil con el fin de presenciar y ser parte de ese acontecimiento histórico. La mayoría de los aviones comerciales están casi totalmente reservado para tales vuelos. Por otra parte, el tráfico aéreo en Brasil podría ser muy alto y causa la falta de vuelo a destino de juegos ', dando lugar a la obligación de tomar el transpserá lo más cómodo y práctico, ya que los viajes aéreos. Jessie Parker, Director de Operaciones de la empresa declaró: "AirCharter.com ha estado tomando pedidos y consultas para vuelos charter a, y dentro de Brasil durante bastante tiempo ahora." "La competencia tendrá 64 partidos en 12 ciudades diferentes, en todo el país. Con distancias de hasta 3.000 kilómetros de viaje, tierra o incluso viajar entrenador no sería la experiencia más agradable. El alquiler de un avión es a menudo la forma más cómoda y agradable a viajar de un juego a otro. En los últimos Mundiales hemos organizado numerosas cantidades de vuelos para los aficionados, patrocinadores y equipos y esperamos tener más en el futuro muy cercano " Con nosotros, usted puede viajar desde su país de origen o de la ciudad a cualquier ciudad de Brasil en un avión fletado y llegar sintiéndose descansado, relajado. De esa manera, usted puede estar listo para disfrutar de la cultura, la comida y el

Best Private Jets of 2014

Best Private Jets of 2014 Many private jets are already in mass circulation but there are always new contenders in the private jet game. The best private jets of 2014 are not jets that can be delivered today, but they are available to order today, with delivery between 2015 and 2017. These are the shortest runway jet (The Pilatus PC-24) The longest range business jet (The Gulfsteam G650ER) and a great all around aircraft (The Falcon 7X) Of course there are many new jets coming to market soon, such as the Honda jet, Bombadier’s Global 7000 and 8000, but these are not yet available to order. Pilatus PC-24 Another interesting reveal at EBACE 2014, the swiss company known for their pistons have unveiled the Pilatus PC-24 one year ago, a very light jet with some unusual characteristics. Naming it the super versatile jet for it’s ability to land on paved and unpaved surfaces. Many Pilatus owners have been requesting a piston with a greater range and speed. Pilatus decided to respond to the demand with a very beautiful light jet which can land on almost any terrain, being able to take off with a minimum of 2690 ft, the Pilatus PC-24 allows access to 21,000 airports and airstrips that other light jets cannot land in. The Pilatus PC-24 boasts seating for 8, much higher than expect for a light jet of this type. The interior is more comparable to a light mid jet than it is for a very light jet. With 1950 nm range, and many cabin features, the PC-24 looks to be a very interesting aircraft. With it’s own cargo area, an enormous cabin space for it’s price level, and Swiss construction, this super