Aircharter’s ultra long range jet roundup

Long range jets are the best way to travel in larger groups (8-18) passengers while eliminating as many fuel stops as possible. Long range jets are known for their ability to fly over 4000 nautical miles while carrying at least 8 passengers, the ultimate in luxury is aboard these jets, with the finest in onboard amenities, ranging from touch screen media systems for each passenger, to full sized lavatories and galleys, with reclining, lie-flat seats with  comforting massage features. There are many aircraft marketed at the general public as long range jets, but here we have a roundup of the most frequently used long range jets used for private air charter:

Global Express 6000 (XRS)

   Global 6000

Capable of nonstop flights between New York and Tokyo, with an onboard bedroom, commonly configured for 8 passengers, but capable of seating 19 in a high density configuration. This aircraft is always much more attractive in an 8 passenger configuration, 8 passenger configurations usually include a full sized galley, full sized bathroom with shower, and a full sized bed. The global 6000 is an iconic long range jet known for its ultimate comforts and 5,200 nautical mile range. The lavish interiors and gorgeous interior and exterior design are right on par with the approximate $12,000 an hour charter price.

Gulfstream G550


A beautiful and very comfortable long ranged business jet, seating up to 19 passengers in it’s most dense configuration. But even at this 19 passenger configuration, the cabin feels extremely roomy, with plenty of space between you and your other passengers. The G550 flies 6,700 nautical miles, almost as far as the top of the line G650, allowing nonstop flights between almost every airport pair sans Australia. Of course, a brief fuel stop can allow for worldwide access with one stop. The G550’s signature cabin style is inexplicably beautiful, and is easily worth the approximate $10,000 cost per hour to charter this aircraft.

Falcon 900LX

ultra long range jets

With a 4,750 nautical mile range, the falcon 900LX is the underdog for most long range jets. Keep in mind 4,750 nautical miles is enough range to reach all of Europe and some of Asia from New York city. Capable of seating up to 19 passengers, this puts the falcon 900LX right on par with the other super long range jets in this list. The 900LX was a much needed update to the falcon 900 line, allowing for more range and speed. The selling point? This jet is available to charter at approximately $7,500 an hour

Gulfstream G650


A first place winner in our book, capable of flying 7000 nautical miles in one long haul, that’s enough to fly from New York city to Tokyo japan, unobstructed. With layouts capable of comfortably seating 18 passengers, and top of the line comfort features, coupled with its mach 0.925 cruise speed makes this aircraft a true king in the business aviation world. The cost of chartering a G650 can be upwards of $11,000 an hour, but the price point very accurately reflects the quality of the aircraft.