Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter is a term given to the full rental of a Private Jet Charter for a limited duration (usually the duration of the trip in question) but there are a lot of questions that arise when talking about private jet rental. How are prices calculated? How does private charter even work? Along with many other questions. private jet rental is an alternative to private jet timeshare or fractional ownership. Both fractional ownership and private jet timeshares are a way to fly on private aircraft of your choice by essentially buying partial ownership of said aircraft. Now while fractional ownership and private jet timeshare have their own pros and cons (Both have been discussed and debunked as terrible methods here: fractional ownership, Private jet timeshare) private air charter is a whole other idea. Chartering a jet means that you pay for exactly what you use, nothing less and nothing more. 

Private Jet charter

Private Jet Charter Guide:

Back to our example trip noted earlier in this guide here; our customer has confirmed that he wants the Challenger 601 for his charter trip, as per Aircharter’s standard operating procedure for your Private Jet Charter, two other similar aircraft are also located and cross checked with availability in case of unavailability of the first aircraft choice. our customer doesn’t need to worry about any of this, as far as our customer knows, everything is all set for his trip. Within the following day, Aircharter delivers our customer’s itinerary, with full information such as takeoff and landing times, which FBO (fixed base operators) will be used, and direct contact information for both pilots. Included in the itinerary are catering details that our customer had specifically asked for. At this point, the trip is fully planned and ready to take off as soon as our customer is ready to fly. The aircraft of choice, the Challenger 601 would be repositioned to JFK airport awaiting our customer and his other passengers, at which point, he would board his aircraft and fly to Los Angeles. Noe considering the fact that our customer wished to fly a round trip instead of a one way trip changes a great deal of options. If our customer were to request a one way trip from New York to Los Angeles, the best option would be an empty leg for their Private Jet Charter. An empty leg is the name given to an empty private aircraft flight. Normally, if our customer was to fly from New York to Los Angeles, he would be paying for the total time of the trip to Los Angeles as well as the return flight. Even though the aircraft would be flying back to its home base in New York, it would be flying empty, and our customer would normally have to pay for both parts of the trip considering the aircraft is still burning fuel to get back to it’s home base. In a situation like this, Aircharter will locate an available empty leg, in this case, an empty leg from the New York area to the California area. Empty legs for, major destinations such as these are easy to find, and offer a price that is nearly half of a traditional flight in which our customer would be paying for the return of the aircraft as well.

But thankfully our customer plans to return the next day, for scenarios in which he would be returning a week or two weeks later would essentially be two round trips for the aircraft, as the aircraft wouldn’t sit in Los Angeles for a week. It is more cost effective for Private Jet Charter to take the aircraft back to New York where it can fulfill other flights in the meantime. In a case such as that, two empty legs would have to be found, although possible, flying a double empty leg would require a bit of flexibility on departure times and dates. Only when the aircraft are available is it possible to request an empty leg for Private Jet Charter. Now given enough time, our Private Jet Charter booking specialists can find nearly any empty leg imaginable. But for rushed requests, it is often difficult to find an empty leg for a customer in enough time to book if the customer needs to fly in the next 72 hours.

We meet our customer on the other side, in Los Angeles. our customers trip lasted about 6 hours and our customer and his passengers arrived very comfortably, and were taken to their destination by limo service. The aircraft will be given a safety check and parked for the night as the pilots and crew get some much needed rest. At this point, the aircraft is not being used but our customer only pays minimal parking fees that were included in his original quote. If the aircraft were to stay an additional night or longer, then other fees would be added, as the aircraft would technically be in use by our customer, and our customer would have to pay a basic fee for having the aircraft on standby for their Private Jet Charter.

Our customer’s aircraft flies back to New York the very next day and our customer is very content with the experience. Now that our customer’s example trip is completed, in the next section of our Private Jet Charter guide we will cover all of the possible fees in detail. We will learn what a RON rate is and how much does a major airport charge for a landing fee, we will cover attendant rates and estimated costs per hour for all types of aircraft as well as explaining which fees are included in a quote, and which fees may be billed at a later time.

After your private jet charter initial enquiry you will be assigned a personal charter expert who will send you a selection of quotes for you to choose from. Each quote will have a clear breakdown of aircrafts and airports and reasons they have been selected for you. Should you wish to go ahead they will then book the aircraft and send you all the flight details including directions to the terminal and any other important information. They will be your first point of call for any further enquiries you may have up to the flight and, if possible, they will meet you at the terminal. From your initial quote you will be able to contact your account manager 24/7 (if on holiday you will be assigned another account manager to cover) so you can call from wherever, whenever you like.
Your dedicated account manager will advise you and provide you with a suitable range of aircraft based on your requirements, assisting you with your final decision. View our aircraft guide for further information for your private jet charter.
You will be told how much the hold can take on your chosen aircraft and can upgrade if you feel more space is needed. This will generally be far more than that of a commercial airline. You may also need to upgrade if carrying things like golf clubs and skis. If travelling with a gun, you will need to provide a license and the gun and ammunition must be kept separate. It is then at the captain’s discretion whether it can be on board.
Using private terminals (FBO) means that you are able to check-in much closer to take-off than you could on a scheduled service flight. Sometimes you can arrive as little as 15 minutes before the aircraft is due to depart, and in some cases you can even be driven directly to the aircraft for boarding.
Yes but there are certain rules if flying in to or out of the US. They will need a pet passport, to be microchipped, their rabies vaccination history (which must be in date) and a tapeworm treatment to be administered 12-24 hours prior to arrival in the US.