What is private jet timeshare?

Private Jet timeshares are very similar to what is known as vacation timeshare properties, except that jet timeshares have to be established at what is called an “Aircraft Operator Company”. Owning a private jet requires maintenance, FAA registrations, crew & airport logistics, and many more accountabilities.

While it may appear as if a Private Jet Timeshare affords supreme convenience, the reality is very much different. The issue lies in how often you use the private jet. There are many advantages to chartering a Private Jet versus timeshare ownership.

Chartering a private jet is more cost-effective if you are in need of occasional charter services every year since timesharing encompasses many hidden costs that one wouldn’t expect or know about. Aircraft maintenance, logistics, operations, crew, and expenses are not something that an executive would want to have to deal with. It is definitely a full time job to maintain and operate an aircraft, so hiring an operator to handle your aircraft is a necessity.

With Private Jet Timeshares, you are responsible to pay 1/16th of the price a private jet (which will run you approximately $468,000.00). This allows you unlimited access to any aircraft on the fleet of an operator with only a 10h notice. Realistically, do you need to spend that much money on private jets if you only use them occasionally? The answer is no. An average client that charters domestic 4 times/ year for 10 years will end up paying ¼ or of the cost of Private Jet timeshares making them the least cost-effective solution.

Conclusion, Private Timeshares are not the best solution unless you very frequently charter private jets.