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Pilatus PC-24 Unveiled at EBACE14

An unexpected aircraft from Pilatus, the PC-24, was the least expected from a company best known for their piston aircraft. This private jet will be capable of takeoffs in 2690 feet, giving the PC-24 access to 21,000 airports ad airstrips that larger aircraft cannot access. Estimated to cost approximately $9 Million and expected to ship in 2017. This SVJ (Super Versatile Jet) will be capable of 1800 nm range with 6 passengers on board. Not bad Pilatus! Read More


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How a Wet Lease Works

Here the basics of wet lease or ACMI are detailed and compared to traditional charter. Wet leasing an aircraft means nearly full ownership of said aircraft for the duration of the lease, whereas charter is more commonly billed and executed based on the actual hours of aircraft usage, allowing other passengers to use the aircraft while unused during brief waiting periods (1-5 Days). Read More


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Turboprops vs Light Jets

Turboprops are often looked down upon with no apparent reason. Fears of noisy cabins and safety are the most common misconceptions, as is comfort. Modern day turboprops are just as quiet as their light jet counterparts, and offer the same safety and comfort features. Without in-depth knowledge, it is hard to distinguish light jets from turboprop interiors, the similarity is striking. Read More


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Air Share Programs vs Private Jet Charter

Air share programs are ripped apart in this article, where some basic knowledge and math come together to disprove the cost-effectiveness of air share programs. Though air share programs do excel in some other aspects and each method of private jet time ownership is built for a specific type of customer. Nevertheless traditional charter come out on top in nearly every scenario. Read More


NBAA 2014 lear-85

NBAA 2014 Roundup

Gulfstream Aerospace unveils the all new G600 cabin mockup, the heavy jet fills the gap between the G650 and G550 with a large, spacious cabin. The Bombardier Learjet 85 test flight aircraft visits NBAA2014 along with the Cessna Citation Latitude. Arbus shows off it’s ultra VIP cabin concept for the A330-200. Nextant proudly displays the cockpit from the all new G90XT, the Nextant modified kingair C90 turboprop. Known for their Hawker 400 modification, the 400XT, Nextant shows off a stunning cockpit for the all new aircraft. Read More



Private flights to Teterboro

The most important executive airport in the northeast, Teterboro, has over a hundred resident aircraft and an imaginable yearly number of aircraft operations. Teterboro airport is capable of accommodating larger jets without an issue with it’s 7000 foot runway. And within walking distance of the runway is the Aviation Hall of Fame museum, home to a large range of interesting aircraft displays. Read More



The Most Expensive Private Jets Available

Spending over $500 million on a private aircraft is not unheard of. In this article we cover the highest tier of private aircraft that more closely resemble the interior of a 5 star hotel than a Boeing 747. Other upper tier private jets, such as the G650ER also make the list simply due to it’s ability to cover a distance larger than that of widebody commercial airliners. These super heavy jets retail from $40 million for a pre order to a much more staggering $75 million to get your hands on one of these cutting edge aircraft today. Read More