Pilatus PC-24

Another interesting reveal at EBACE 2014, the swiss company known for their pistons have unveiled the Pilatus PC-24, a very light jet with some unusual characteristics. Naming it the super versatile jet for it’s ability to land on paved and unpaved surfaces. Many Pilatus owners have been requesting a piston with a greater range and speed. Pilatus decided to respond to the demand with a very beautiful light jet which can land on almost any terrain, being able to take off with a minimum of 2690 ft, the Pilatus PC-24 allows access to 21,000 airports and airstrips that other light jets cannot land in. The Pilatus PC-24 boasts seating for 8, much higher than expect for a light jet of this type. The interior is more comparable to a light mid jet than it is for a very light jet. With 1950 nm range, and many cabin features, the PC-24 looks to be a very interesting aircraft. With it’s own cargo area, an enormous cabin space for it’s price level, and Swiss construction, this super versatile jet is a brand new philosophy of business jets brought to you by Pilatus.

Pilatus has opened up the order book, with jets starting at $9 Million, and delivery in 2017. For any individual who frequents short runway locations or just wants the most comfortable very light jet, this aircraft is a winner in our book.

Specifications from pilatus-aircraft.com


 Max cruise speed (FL300)

425 k TAS (489 mph)

787 km/h TAS

 Range 4 Pax 1

1,950 nm / 2,244 sm

3,610 km

 Range 6 Pax 2

1,800 nm / 2,071 sm

3,330 km

 Max certified altitude

45,000 ft

13,716 m

 Cabin altitude at 45,000 ft

8,000 ft

2,438 m

 Takeoff balanced field length 3

2,690 ft

820 m

 Takeoff balanced field length (hot & high) 4

4,430 ft

1,350 m

 Rate of climb (MTOW, Sea Level)

4,075 ft / min

1,242 m / min

 Time to climb sea level to FL450 (direct climb)

30 min

30 min

 Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle 

2,525 ft

770 m

 Stall speed (MLW, ISA, Sea Level)

81 k IAS (93 mph)

150 km/h IAS

1 (800lb payload, NBAA IFR reserve, LRC, Single Pilot OPS)2 (1200lb payload, NBAA IFR reserve, LRC, Single Pilot OPS)3 (MTOW, ISA, sea level, dry paved runway)4 (MTOW, ISA +20°C, 5000ft, dry paved runway)5 (MLW, ISA, sea level, dry paved runway)


 Max ramp weight

17,750 lbs

 8,050 kg

 Max takeoff weight

17,650 lbs

 8,005 kg

 Max landing weight

16,250 lbs

 7,370 kg

 Max zero fuel weight

13,450 lbs

 6,100 kg

 Usable fuel (888.5 U.S. gal)

5,965 lbs

 2,705 kg

 Max payload

2,500 lbs

 1,135 kg

 Max payload with full fuel

915 lbs

 415 kg