Cuba is a very popular international charter destination, and chartered flights to Cuba are becoming more and more popular. For sure some of this is based on the principle of forbidden fruit, and some people are interested simply because our government makes it virtually impracticable for most American citizens to visit the Caribbean island. However, much of it is Cuba’s legitimate appeal, be it cultural, natural, musical or historical, and for a variety of reasons, there is a sizeable audience of Americans who would like to visit Cuba.

Now you can.

Although the Cuban government permits US citizens to visit, the US Government restricts its citizens from traveling there except under some circumstances in which a license is required. This type of license splits into two categories:

·        General license: No paperwork needed, and applies to the following:

1.      Person on a government related business trip.

2.    Professional journalist on an assignment.

3.    Person visiting close family of Cuban nationality.

4.    Full-time professionals conducting researcher on official business trips.

·        Specific license: Requires paperwork and Department of state approval. This license may be granted under the following:

1.      Full time graduate students conducting academic research towards graduation.

2.    Individuals Engaging in humanitarian projects.

3.    self-employed journalists.

4.    People engaging in religious activities.

5.     Persons visiting close family in Cuba who are not Cuba nationals.

6.    US academic professional that teach in US institutions.

7.     Persons involving non-profit cultural exhibition.

8.    Individuals are participating in a study abroad program that is at least for 10 weeks or longer.

With a license of such that can be issued by department of treasury, a US citizen can travel to Cuba with no issue. However, there are still complications due to lack of commercial air transportation. Not many airlines fly to Cuba based on the government’s financial restrictions. With Air Charter, flying has never been easier. We can assist you to book your favorite aircraft to charter your flight from anywhere in the states or anywhere in the world to any destination you prefer in Cuba. Flying with us offers many other options that are not available with commercial flights.

A flight to Cuba would normally take you about 1.5 to 2 hours with airport customs, baggage check in, and flight time. Which is not reasonable. However, on a private jet, you can limit this travel timing to 20-30 minutes. Flying private gives you the advantage of showing up exactly 10 minutes before your flight and still take off on time. Furthermore, you can land anywhere you prefer in Cuba, as long as there is an airport compatible with the aircraft landing system.