Gulfstream G5 Jet

The Gulfstream G5 Jet or Gulfstream G-V is a long range enabled large jet first made by Gulfstream Aerospace in 1998. The Gulfstream GV Jet was one of the very first jets to hold the title of “ultra long range aircraft” with a massive 5,800 nautical miles. 5,800 nautical miles was nearly unheard of at the time, and it outperformed the majority of widebody airliners at the time, and is also capable of nonstop flights between New York and Tokyo, or New York and Moscow, or nearly any other pair of cities imaginable. The Gulfstream G5 not only offered  huge range capabilities, but also a cruise speed of mach .85, much faster than commercial airliners, and even now only beaten by a handful of aircraft in terms of speed.

Gulfstream G5The Gulfstream G5 can be configured for up to 19 passengers in a very comfortable VIP configuration, or less passengers for more cabin room, or a few seats in club configuration and a divan, allowing more freedom to move about the cabin. The Gulfstream G5 Jet quickly became an important aircraft for business aviation. It not only allowed amazing range and speed capabilities, but also a huge cabin at over 50 feet long, basically unheard of at the time for a private jet of this class. With a breathtaking interior design, the Gulfstream G5 Jet’s cabin was one of the first to be large enough to allow unseen cabin amenities, everything was easy to implement on this aircraft, from video screens to beds and full sized galleys and lavatories.

The Gulfstream G5 Jet later evolved into two very important aircraft as well, which were both constructed from the original Gulfstream G5, out of this private jet came Gulfstream’s G550 and later the G500, an updated Gulfstream GV Jet. The G550 had increased range capabilities, further increasing range to a shocking 6,800 nautical miles, and a new variant was made, the Gulfstream G500 which had the same range, but with updated avionics, hundreds more of Gulfstream’s G5 jets were made, making this aircraft one of the most successful large jets in history.
The Gulfstream GV was always popular with the public, and still is. Many Gulfstream G5s are available today for charter, ranging from $9,016 – $12,968 an hour to charter, and with over 150 Gulfstream G5s available worldwide for charter by While remaining an expensive option, it is well worth the cost per hour considering the usual 14-19 passenger capacity, and considering the amazing speed and range of this aircraft. The interior of the Gulfstream GV Jet is one of the most fluid and beautiful interiors of any comparable large jet. Something about the internal dimensions of the cabin makes the Gulfstream G5 Jet a very attractive option for those searching for large cabin aircraft. While the Gulfstream GV5 may be a timeless classic, it is in no way dead, the Gulfstream GV Jet was and still is one of the best aircraft ever developed in the private jet industry and as a result, a no-brainer aircraft of the week.