Entertainment Industry Charter

Since 1996, AirCharter.com has provided online private jet charter booking services to a wide array of customers, including the entertainment industry, business and leisure travelers, sports teams and corporations worldwide. Through AirCharter’s online booking system, travelers can get quick quotes and book domestic and international travel on over 2,200 aircraft, including jets and turboprops.
As a leader in the entertainment industry, with 5 international offices, AirCharter has served on demand charter solutions for various world renowned bands and solo artists for shows, festivals and even world tours. Our VIP on demand charter specialists work closely with tour managers, booking agents, and production companies along with their travel agents to conjointly organize complex flight itineraries and ensure the safety and security of our clients in compliance with their respective requests.
In addition to meticulous and on-par flight scheduling, AirCharter offers exterior aircraft branding for tours or single charters targeted by media to turn your chartered aircraft into your own Flying Billboard.

AirCharter is able to provide the following charter solutions:
• Helicopters and executive jets for the main party
• Regional Jets and Airliners for the support crew
• Cargo aircraft for stage and backline equipment
• Limousines, trucking, customs clearance and more

Aircharter.com also works with movie studios, production companies and publicity agencies on high profile projects, involving one or more executive jets or coordinating multiple aircraft around the world simultaneously.
The entertainment industry has become a very time-sensitive industry when it comes to organizing private travel for artists, crews, and equipment. Managing multiple live gigs across the globe, air charter has the capability to take action and organize the entirety of your transportation needs, with thousands of large jets on standby to move your star artist in the ultimate in luxurious aircraft. With as little as 30 minutes notice, aircharter.com can have a jet on the runway waiting for your artist or group with enough fuel to travel thousands of miles away. Aircrafts can be relocated as need be to be as close as possible to your departure location, this gives you time to worry about logistics instead of worrying about your transportation needs.
Cargo aircraft are always at the ready, capable of holding anything from speakers to an entire stage setup in a modified 747 capable of holding 124 tons of various equipment. Smaller cargo-modified aircraft allow you to move your equipment with hours of notice, these small cargo aircraft can easily carry 2 tons of your equipment, and can depart immediately. Your very expensive equipment is cared for by highly trained engineers, who recognize the value of your equipment, and will transport everything as safely as possible without a single scratch. Aircharter.com insures your cargo for the maximum value in the rare case of a mishap.
Let’s say we have an artist leaving Los Angeles at 9 pm flying to Geneva for a show 48 hours later, the artist requires a large jet for himself and the most important crew. With an additional 100 passengers departing for the event as well. And let’s also assume you need to move 30 tons of stage equipment.

7:00pm PST – Aircharter.com receives your request

7:20pm PST – Aircharter.com contacts you with at least 3 different aircraft for your artist.

7:25pm PST – Customer confirms aircraft choice and sends payment

7:35pm PST – Aircraft is at the airport waiting for the artist

8:45pm PST – 100 seater aircraft is available and at the airport

9:00pm PST – Both passenger aircraft depart for Geneva

11:00pm PST – Cargo aircraft is at the airport and being loaded

12:00am PST – Cargo aircraft departs

5:00pm CEST (Geneva local time) – Both passenger aircraft arrive on time

8:00pm CEST – Cargo arrives on schedule

Aircharter.com has organized flight plans very similar to this one, where an entire group was flown internationally to Europe with a large jet, an airliner, and a cargo aircraft. From the time of the original request, Aircharter.com made sure all equipment, fans, and stage crews were in Europe in under 24 hours in absolute comfort. VIP catering was served to all passengers, who flew in a wifi/sat phone enabled aircraft all the way to their destination. Requests such as aircraft capable of sleeping 100 passengers comfortably are very easily accomplished with our huge international database of aircraft and real-time availability. Air charter.com is your go-to source for any high profile or short notice trips for your artists or equipment and stage crew.