Every business traveller wants to know the fastest private plane available for their trip. When time is of the essence, price is often unimportant when you have multiple meetings during the same day. No VIP traveller wants to be on an aircraft for the majority of the day, so here are some options we have gathered for you. These are the best and fastest private jets on the market.

The first private jet that comes to mind is of course the:

Citation X

Fastest private jet

The Citation X is marketed as the worlds fastest private jet, and it is. As a mid sized jet, the Citation X carries 7 to 12 passengers at a cruising speed of Mach 0.92 (700 mph) It’s interior is very comfortable for a jet of this size and speed. With a range of 3200 nm and the ability to take off from a runway of 5,140 feet, it works great for small or large domestic flights. This allows you almost every single pair of cities in the United States. Of course longer flights such as Maine to California will be slightly outside of it’s range. The Citation X is the fastest private jet, but a 30-40 minute refuelling stop may cut into your day. For trips under 3000 nm, this is the jet of choice.

Our runner up may be a bit slower than the Citation X, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in range, we present the:

Falcon 7X

fastest private jets

The falcon 7x travels at Mach 0.9 or 685 miles an hour, and can seat up to 19 passengers. It boasts a beautiful interior and exterior, many comfort options and the newest in flight technology. It’s selling point though, is the 5,900 nm range. A transatlantic trip from New York to London is only 3,442 nm, meaning the Falcon 7x would be able to fly many city pairs such as New York to Paris, Paris to Moscow, and Moscow to anywhere in Asia (with some islands excluded of course) Long trips such as new york to Hong Kong wouldn’t be possible due to a 8000 nm distance, but for more conventional flights, the Falcon 7X is a hardworking piece of engineering

Last but most certainly not least is the:

Gulfstream G650


The Gulfstream G650 and G650ER variant can carry you and up to 17 other passengers in style. With everything you could ever expect from a high-end large jet, the Gulfstream G650 also travels at mach 0.9, and offers a 7500 nm range on the G650ER variant. This business jet is one of a kind, with impeccable range and speed, though already backordered to 2017, the Gulfstream G650 and the previously mentioned planes are all available to charter today. Booking a trip online gives you instant pricing, and if your need is to travel on the fastest private jet, you will want to book with the fastest responding company. Aircharter’s private jet charter service is fast and easy, with flights ready to take off with under 30 minutes notice, we will always be the first to respond to your needs.