What fees to expect for private jet charter

Many first time and even some repeat private flyers don’t know what fees are included and which fees are excluded for private jet charter. Many times, you will get a quote that simply states flight charges. But what do these flight charges encompass? We’ve put together a little guide for you to understand which fees to expect, which services are included, and what may be added at extra cost.


What is always included

Upon booking a private jet, you will have the jet for the entire duration of your trip. This means air time of course, if you fly to Cancun for a month, it is very unlikely that the jet will wait at the airport for the entire month. But it will be available to you at the requested time of return. FBO services are included, FBOs are essentially privately owned terminals, made to cater to VIP clientele. FBO services Two pilots are always included for every trip, no matter how small, even a short distance 1 passenger trip will have two wyvern/argus approved pilots. All fuel fees are included in your price, along with onboard catering. Catering for very short trips will have snacks and beverages, but offers meals for longer trips. All airport related fees such as takeoff and landing fees along with standby fees are also included in the price. Accommodations for your pilots and crew are taken care of as well.


What is usually included:

These services and options depend on the aircraft type. For example; you cannot have a flight attendant on a 4-seat piston aircraft. Nor would you expect a multimedia system. But most light jets and larger aircraft will have an in flight entertainment system, with DVD players, stereos, sometimes even videogame consoles. Most modern jets will have wifi on board, as well as a satellite phone, which is usually complementary.


What is never included:

1. Drastic change in itinerary, one where the flight time would be longer and/or use more fuel.

2. Damage to the aircraft.