Private Plane Charter Rates

Various types of aircraft are available for charter, and therefor each category of private plane has significantly different private plane charter rates. The smallest type of propellor given aircraft, or pistons can start at $400 an hour as an hourly rate, while the larger intercontinental long range large jets can cost upwards of $14,000 an hour, and can cost as much as $28,000 an hour for large ultra VIP configured airliners. The general prices to be expected as are follows: A domestic flight with 8 passengers or below will cost a total of $3,500 an hour for a light jet and all other costs included for simplicity. These other costs include airport fees, fuel fees, segment and FET taxes, crew fees, and additional fuel fees (if any). At approximately $3,500 an hour we can estimate a flight from New York to Florida (a 3 hour flight) to cost approximately $10,500. But we must not forget that the aircraft would have to return to base, making the estimated price around $21,000. Now these are very basic estimations for a very specific type of aircraft, other aircraft can cost less or more to charter. The way that a charter flight works is by having customers simply use the airtime they are using, as opposed to buying an aircraft in full or partially with a group of others. While the customer may have to traditionally pay for both parts of the flight, this still remains a cheaper option than other method of buying private jet time. Now in the case of an already returning aircraft, it would be possible to only pay the $10,500 originally proposed as the aircraft would essentially already be headed in that direction, meaning the customer would only have to pay for that airtime. Empty legs or one way charters can be arranged with enough warning in advance to locate an empty leg for charter. Private plane charter rates of course are far more complicated than a basic estimation. Below are estimated rates for each category of aircraft, and more details can be found in our aircraft guide here which will list the exact private plane charter rates for the aircraft of your choosing. Or use our booking engine below to get an instant web price for your trip.

Here are private plane charter rates for a few categories of aircraft we have to offer:

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private plane charter rates

Turbo Prop Charter

Capacity: 6 – 8 People
Speed 218 – 315 mph
Range: 1,500 – 2,000 sm
Rate $1.200 – 1,500/hr

jet charter prices

Super Mid-Size Charter Jets

Capacity: 7 – 9 People
Speed 490 – 590 mph
Range: 3,000 – 3,900 sm
Rate $3.200 – 4,000/hr

air charter prices

Light Cabin Charter Jets

Capacity: 5 – 8 People
Speed 400 – 480 mph
Range: 1,600 – 2,000 sm
Rate $2.000 – 2,1500/hr

large jet charter prices

Full Size Charter Jets

Capacity: 9 – 23 People
Speed 500 – 560 mph
Range: 4,000 – 7,000 sm
Rate $4,000 – 13,000/hr

private jet charter prices

Mid-Size Charter Jets

Capacity: 8 – 10 People
Speed 510 – 590 mph
Range: 3,000 – 3,500 sm
Rate $2,500 – 3,2000/hr

private plane charter rates

Super-Size Charter Jets

Capacity: 15 – 71 People
Speed 565 – 620 mph
Range: 7,000 – 10,000 sm
Rate $7,000 – 15,000/hr


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