The Best Time to Book a Private Jet

There is technically no best time to book a private jet, though there are some recommendations that aircharter has for you. Lets separate trips into small (1-18 passenger trips) and large (45 or higher). Smaller non-commercial aircraft are quick to be ready and the logistics can be taken care of in a matter of hours. While commercial sized trips may take a day or two to handle the passengers lists, catering options, ground transportation etc. The recommended time to book for a small trip is preferably at least one day before, this allows aircharter to sort through every possible aircraft that can accomplish your charter and offer you the best at the lowest cost. Smaller trips with 2-6 hour notice are generally more expensive, as there would not be enough time to locate every aircraft, and the best option in such a short timeframe would be the verified available option. These of course are recommendations, aircharter is capable of finding aircraft instantly, you can call while at an airport and we will find you the closest available aircraft for your charter.

For larger scale charters, the recommendation is at least a week beforehand, charters of this scale usually involve much more logistics, in order to sort out every passengers needs, we need time. Though, with as little as 48 hour notice, we can arrange a charter for a trip of any scale on an airliner, anywhere from one to 300 passengers. There is one exception to this rule, for high traffic time of the year such as christmas and thanksgiving, it it always better to charter as far in advance as possible, this allows us to find a suitable aircraft long before availability is impossible. Of course, even during density times, it is always possible to instantly locate a private jet for you and your group, but the price will always be much higher during these peak times.

Most customers agree that the best times for booking (excluding peak times) are as follows:

1-18 passenger domestic flights – One to seven days beforehand

1-18 passenger international flights – One to two weeks beforehand

18+ on a domestic Airliner – One to two weeks beforehand

18+ on an international airliner – Two to four weeks beforehand