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Large corporate travel departments and company flight operations that regularly depend on a jet charter broker
don’t necessarily have the resources to evaluate every charter operator, negotiate rates and obtain the high level of service and reliability
jet charter brokerrequired in today’s demanding business environment. Air Charter changes all that with the Executive Charter Management Program that adds consistency and efficiency to your air charter purchasing. Why buy fractional ownership of a business jet when you can just pay for the hours you fly? Air Charter is here to help you every step of the way, using our online booking engine, you can get a web price right now between any destinations worldwide, for 2 passengers or thousands.

Brokers please take a look at our Air Charter Broker Software 

Why Air LLC ?

Air Charter has more than 17 years of experience of providing charter solutions and employs only the best charter experts. arranges over 9,000 full charter contracts per year for involving multiple sectors and has an annual revenue exceeding $600 million.


Why choose Air LLC?