Super Bowl XLIX

February 1st, 2015: Watch history in the making when chartering a private jet to Glendale, AZ’s University of Phoenix Stadium to watch Super Bowl XLIX. Eyewitness the second Super Bowl to be played at this stadium and the third to be held in the Phoenix Metro Area.

The glorious University of Phoenix Stadium “UPS” has been a premium stadium choice for the NFL to hold Super Bowl XLII. Since that decision, the Phoenix Metro has made revolutionary preparations for the enormous NFL final. This is the second Super Bowl to be held at the UPS; in February 3rd, 2008 the triumphant New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants producing one of the biggest shockers in NFL history.

Like many sports events worldwide, numerous fans charter private jets to attend super bowls. There are many variables that may cause you to miss such a historical event when flying commercial:

– Severe Weather Conditions
– Overbooked Airliners
– Group Privacy
– Delays and cancellations the day of your flight

Aboard your chartered aircraft, you travel with passengers of your own choice, eat and drink what you’ve ordered in advance, and enjoy the personal privacy that leaves you perfectly comfortable to discuss business, make phone calls, or just relax and feel at home. Compared to flying scheduled airlines, air charter is, in absolutely every respect, smoother, easier, less complicated. Not only do you save a great deal of time at the passenger terminal, but your chartered plane will most often take off within a few minutes after you board. As the smaller airports handle less traffic, take-off and landing delays are quite rare. Factor in the increased productivity that results from less stressful travel and the enhanced possibilities of productive time in the utter privacy of a chartered plane and you’ll conclude that air charter travel is indeed the smartest way to fly.super bowl

Years ago, the NFL chose University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona to hold Super Bowl XLII. Since that announcement, the Phoenix area diligently geared up for the colossal sports event. On February 3, 2008 the undefeated New England Patriots faced off with the wild card New York Giants. The New York Giants defeated the Patriots creating one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. Super Bowl XLII was the most-watched Super Bowl in history with a record setting 1,483,000.00 viewers watching the game.

More private jets are chartered for the Super Bowl than any other event worldwide. If you fly on a commercial airliner, you run the jeopardy of your flight getting delayed or cancelled altogether due to severe weather conditions. avoid the crowds, lines and hassle and allow to provide a luxury private or business charter to Super Bowl XLIX. Game tickets are sure to be sold out well in advance after a climactic Super Bowl XLIX and credit to the significant surroundings and setting. Book your jet today. You are guaranteed to be there for every breathtaking moment. Charter a jet from countless destinations and arrive as close to the University of Phoenix Stadium as possible. Fly according to your schedule — we take off when you give the signal. Our dedicated team will choose among thousands of aircraft to select the ideal jet for your trip length, group size, budget and preferences. To enhance your flight experience, choose from among dozens of amenities such as catering and concierge services, digital entertainment systems, flight attendants, massage chairs and more. Your Super Bowl trip will begin and end with luxury, comfort, sophistication and class.

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Next February, come snow or shine, you know it will be a NFL Championship game to remember. Make this one the ultimate experience of a lifetime for you and your entourage. Call today for a free quote or use our online booking engine to receive an instant quote today.