LLC is proud to present some sightings from the 2014 Marrakech Air Show. With our new offices in London and Casablanca, Aircharter was present at the Marrakech Air Show, here are some pictures snapped by our team and others:

In three editions only, Marrakesh Airshow has confirmed its position as the meeting place of the civil and military aircraft industry in the African continent, creating opportunities for the aerospace industry operators to network, do business, find out about the latest innovations and exchange ideas to spearhead developments across the industry.

During the last three editions, the entire international aerospace community, mainly from: China, Russia, Europe, Americas, have shown an increasing interest for the African market.

The 4th Marrakech Airshow will be hosting once more, African and Mediterranean civil & military delegations as well as senior corporate executives in order to confederate Marrakech Airshow’s exchange platform and consolidate the position of Morocco within the development of the African aerospace industry.

The African continent’s states concerned about their economic development are aware of the need to develop their communication channels. The air and satellite transmissions are vectors of global growth.

Faced with the worst economic conditions in recent history, nations large and small are searching for ways to reduce budgets of all types, with military budgets a ready target. Yet, in the face of conflicting ideologies, political tensions in some areas of the world are at an all-time high. Radical threats inflame passions and arouse calls for severe measures and necessities of equipments…

Co-location of the world aerospace industry towards Morocco knows for 5 years an important growth. Major aeronautic and aerospace players have chosen Morocco which becomes the ideal place to host the implementation of aeronautical and aerospace companies operating in Europe and seeking competitive advantages worldwide. Besides, the highest quality services makes of Morocco a strategic maintenance platform for the African Continent.

On the civil/ commercial side, the airline industry is gradually emerging from years of struggle, and the business aircraft market is recovering strongly. Africa is attracting investors from all over the world; this new affluence means that business aviation is enjoying a surge of interest on the continent.

With the Trans-African cooperation, Morocco is committed to develop its relations with African states; for this prospect, more than 50 official delegations are attending Marrakech Airshow 2014.

It is in this complex geopolitical and economic context, but particularly favorable to Morocco, that the Marrakech Airshow 2014 continues to support the aerospace development policy in the thriving African region.

USAF modified Boeing 707 for air refuelling

DSCF1939 marrakech air showUSAF marrakech air show

Embraer Phenom 300

IMG_0344 marrakech air show

Citation XLS

IMG_0341 marrakech air show

Embraer Lineage 1000

IMG_0329 marrakech air show

KingAir C90GtX Cockpit

DSCF1975 marrakech air show

Gulfstream G550 Cabin

DSCF1965 marrakech air show

Gulfstream G550

DSCF1964 marrakech air show

Falcon 7X (First sighting in north Africa)

DSCF1950 marrakech air show

Royal Air Maroc Boeing 747-400 Routine Flight

DSCF1943 marrakech air show

Moroccan Air Force training helicopter

HAELICO2 marrakech air show

Moroccan search and rescue helicopters

HELIS marrakech air show
FARHELICO marrakech air show
HELICO6 marrakech air show
HELOCO3 marrakech air show

Moroccan Air Force Mirage Fighters

plane1 marrakech air show
PLANES marrakech air show
Marocaine Air Force Refueling exercices marrakech air show

FAR2 marrakech air showREFULE marrakech air show

Fast response water tanker

PLANEFIRE marrakech air show

Moroccan Army transport

MA3 marrakech air show

Moroccan Air Force F16

F16FAR marrakech air show

IMG_0338 marrakech air show