Large group catering

Another Aircharter group catering menu has been revealed. This menu is specific to a VIP configured Boeing 737-800 for 68 passengers. Aircharter has organized large scale catering for groups surpassing 1000 passengers. Your most extravagant air dining experience is brought to you by, with our remarkable attention to detail, we strive to make sure every passenger flies in ultimate comfort and indulges in the very best airborne catering possible. Did you know that every aspect of your in-air catering can be customized to your wants and needs? From choosing specific meals to specific drinks, Aircharter allows you to pick exactly what you wish to have, or simply guide our hand as we piece together an inviting and delicious catering experience.

group catering group catering

AirCharter can provide you with the ultimate VIP experience through our first class service on our VIP air charter for your group travel needs.
Worldwide network of operators to provide you with the widest variety of first class aircraft and seating configurations, accommodating from 40 passengers to 88 passengers. Our luxurious aircraft interiors including leather seats, rich wood veneers and opulent luxury lounges.

Service-oriented staff handle all the details including silver service catering and first class amenities. AirCharter has more than 29 years of experience – and huge expertise – in delivering customized air charter services to clients worldwide. As part of Air Charter’s 24-hour global operation, Commercial Jets is ready to plan, arrange and manage jet charter for your group, wherever, whenever and however you wish to travel. Use our online booking system to get a price right now.