Confirmed Airliner Availability for World Cup

In anticipation of the 2014 Fifa world cup, will have 2 airliners stationed full time in brazil for domestic flights.

Aircharter is happy to assist anyone wishing to charter an aircraft within Brazil, or nearby. the aircraft are authorised to fly in brazil and pick up from many possible destinations. Availability is very hard to find with the Fifa World Cup in progress, and will continue to move aircraft to brazil to fly domestic flights if needed. Contact us with your request and will be very happy to help you for as many flights or as many days as possible while availability lasts.

We have 2 Boeing 767s on site at the following locations:

218 Passenger 767-200 currently in East Bank Demerara, Guyana

240 passenger 767-200 currently in Natal, Brazil

The calendars above will be up to date, as will the real-time location for the aircraft

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