Sports Air Charter

What sets Air Charter above the rest when it comes to sports charter? It’s providing you with the winning ticket. Whether you are transporting your sports team or all their devoted fansportss, Air Charter always has its eye on the ball.
A worldwide network of approved aircraft, including the largest dedicated sports fleet available in the U.S., to provide you with the widest variety of models and seating configurations, ranging from 19 seat turbo props to comfortable wide-body 747s.
Aircraft availability to meet the demanding flight schedules of sports teams and their fans.

We offer an expert ability to handle the demanding schedules of Sports Team and their fans.
Teams and Fans board aircraft directly from ground transportation for convenience and security wherever available

We offer 24/7 year round operational support flight tracking and on-site representation to brief airport staff and cabin crew.

For more information, email us or call 866-FLY-CHTR


Air Charter can provide you with the ultimate VIP experience through our first class service on our VIP Air Charter for your group travel needs.
Worldwide network of operators to provide you with the widest variety of first class aircraft and seating configurations, accommodating from 40 passengers to 88 passengers.
Luxurious aircraft interiors including leather seats, rich wood veneers and opulent luxury lounges.
Service-oriented staff handle all the details including silver service catering and first class amenities.


Why Air LLC ?

Air Charter has more than 17 years of experience of providing charter solutions and employs only the best charter experts. arranges over 9,000 full charter contracts per year for involving multiple sectors and has an annual revenue exceeding $600 million.

Why choose Air LLC?

  • Personal Account Manager – As soon as we receive your request, we will assign you your own charter expert. They will be available from the moment you book your flight to the moment you land.
  • Flight Support  – This dedicated team ensures that all your needs are met throughout the entire charter experience.
  • AirCharter Payment Protection – May be available at low cost and protect you and your customers in case of bankruptcy of airlines.
  • Buying Power – Over the years, has built many strong relationships with airlines. Our size and reputation allow us to negotiate better prices which can then be passed on as savings to our customers.
  • Complimentary Flight Representation – If you wish we can send a staff member to accompany your group on the flight to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to provide you with extra peace of mind.
  • Branding at Cost Price – From the cabin crew uniforms to the check-in desks and headrests, we can provide multiple branding solutions to you.
  • Global Presence – Using our established network of international offices, we can offer local expertise and our offices will work together to ensure the best possible service.
  • Contact 24/7– Our charter professionals are available 24 hours 7 days a week.