10 passenger private jet

10 passenger private jetAre you looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and spacious aircraft to get you to your destination? Among our elite selection of luxury jets, The Hawker 800XP /900XP stands out as the perfect choice in super-midsize private jets. This plane has a range of 3,280 NM at a 540 MPH cruise speed. It can take off with a maximum weight of 28,000 LB, allowing you to bring much luggage on board.This state of the art private jet can give both the passenger and the pilot with comfort, efficiency, and performance. With its capacity of up 13 passengers, this aircraft allows you to travel with your group to your destination in the country, or transcontinental.

Large or heavy jets are the largest private aircraft, accommodating an average of 12 passengers comfortably. Some can hold up to 20. Planes like the Falcon 900 series, Gulfstream II and Challenger 605 are able to fly 9 hours or 4,000 miles nonstop. With such long-range abilities, these jets have first-class seating, and sometimes have a private sleeping area. Along with a pilot, heavy jets also have flight attendants to help insure the safety of the passengers, and to tend their needs.

Super mid-size jets are capable of transcontinental flights. This type of aircraft is allowed to take off and land at both small local airports and larger, international airports. These planes commonly hold up to 9 travelers; however, some of the larger models can carry 12. Super mid-size jets are designed with all of the luxury and facilities of larger private jet, including fairly large and spacious cabins, optional entertainment systems, and catered food upon request. The Citation X, Falcon 50 and Gulfstream G200 are some of these aircraft. They are capable of flying at a speed of 555 MPH, and a range of 3,100 NM.


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