4 passenger private jet

Are you traveling a short distance? Looking for something stylish, classy, and affordable? can put you on the best aircraft to fit your needs. The twin-turbofan Eclipse 500 nicely combines reliability, fuel efficiency, and simplicity in a sleek and stylish casing. Although classified as a light jet, the Eclipse 500 can accommodate between 4-6 passengers and their overnight bags, making it just right for individual/small company ownership. It can fly at 41,000 ft and complete a 600 NM trip with four passengers and reserves in 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Light jets such as the Learjet 31 and 35, Citation II and V and the Raytheon Premier 1 are some of the smallest private aircraft. They can hold between 5-8 passengers comfortably. Light jets aren’t as spacious as the rest of the private jets. However, they’re very efficient and inexpensive if you’re traveling a short distance. Although, its engine might come off fairly small, it can reach up to 500 MPH, and can go as far as 1000NM on average. But the award for this category goes to the Eclipse 500, a beautiful super light jet