Whether you’re flying for business or recreational purposes, you can choose to travel on private aircraft or fly with commercial airlines to get to your desired destination. With many executives looking at elegant private air charters as the most relaxed and dependable form of transportation, here is a glance at the pros and cons of commercial flights vs chartering a private plane.

Flying private has many advantages. While it’s true that private jet can be lavish and pricy, the actual advantages of soaring on a private aircraft are convenience and efficiency. For instance, you can choose to fly out of any airport you’d like as long as the runway is sufficient for your jet, and as long as there are no restrictions. This is a perfect substitute for having to go through a busier airport. This doesn’t only benefit you in a way to avoid all the busier hubs, if your residence or office is around a general public airport, you can simply choose to take off from there, avoiding all traffic. Another example of how flying private could benefit you would be that you won’t need to arrive an hour or even a half hour before flight time. The jet departs on your order. If you prefer a 7PM departure, no need to arrive at the airport before 6:53PM. And if you are running late, the plane will always wait for you. In many larger metropolitan areas, jets take off and land from minor close-in airports so the commute time is shorter. At FBOs, you are allowed to drive your car onto tarmac up to your aircraft, (in some cases without a security check) and get on while the team loads your baggage into the aircraft. Valet services are available to take your car, park it, and even wash it.

Private aircraft are home to luxurious seats with the ability to swivel and lay flat, with pop-out screens, media systems and massage chairs. An onboard private bathroom and kitchen are available for VIP class catering. Wifi and satellite phones are standard on the majority of business jets. With your own flight attendant taking the very best care of you, there is no competition from commercial travel. Nowhere else can you alter your flight plan on the fly, add or remove passengers, or sit down in a flying conference room. The leather seats, beautifully filtered air, and quiet and comfortable flight offered on business jets leave no reason to ever fly commercial again. The most well known and only drawback to flying private is the cost; flying commercial will always be much cheaper than flying private. But of course, you get exactly what you pay for, which is a seat in what has recently become a flying bus.