Why fly through Aircharter.com instead of going directly to an aircraft owner or operator?

Most customers believe that going to the source is always the best way to do business, but in private jet charter, the game is very different. Going to an aircraft owner or operator never means you will be getting the best price. We at Aircharter.com have developed years of bonds with our aircraft owners and operators in order to receive the best possible service and pricing. Very often, you will be paying the exact same figure, but with a great deal of extra effort. It is never enough to have one option, here at aircharter.com, we make sure that any live trip, no matter how large always has at least 3 different aircraft options, in case of mechanical failure, there will always be a backup aircraft. Though this backup aircraft may be more pricey than the first option, it will at least make sure you are always home on time.

Booking directly with the aircraft owner instantly locks you into a contract, meaning any flight changes will very likely be billed, and in case of any sort of mechanical issue with the aircraft, you will be stuck with no options in sight besides a few suggestions from the aircraft owner of other nearby aircraft of the same calibre, but when it comes to last minute bookings (under 6 hours) it has been shown that availability drops to about 2-3% at a national level, meaning you would need to call about 50 different aircraft owners or operators to get at least 1 available aircraft. Needles to say said aircraft will cost an arm and a leg due to the near-zero notice given beforehand.

That’s why our customers prefer booking through Aircharter.com, no matter what happens, there are always available options, always a backup aircraft, and a third backup aircraft just in case. All of these aircraft are chosen based on their availability, meaning even if your preferred aircraft is unavailable, there is a very good chance you will be able to get on to your second option with no headaches. Even in terms of price, no aircraft owner is going to give a substantial discount for a first or even second time customer. We at aircharter.com always negotiate to get the best prices available for our customers. Not only that, but our sophisticated database of almost every single aircraft owner worldwide means we can choose aircraft based on options such as in flight wifi, pet friendly aircraft, and safety ratings. Very few customers know that makes an aircraft safe or risky, and lack the knowledge to distinguish a great pilot from a mediocre pilot. We make sure that our customers always have the very best possible offer, with the exact onboard amenities that you request.

In short, Aircharter.com or other brokers are almost always the best possible option in terms of chartering a private jet, going to the owner directly means you are working with one aircraft uniquely, and in case of a last minute cancelation or mechanical failure, you will be stuck with no aircraft, and at least a few hour wait to get your money back before finding another aircraft that can fly your trip, last minute stressful bookings like these are what lead customers to fly on old, unsafe aircraft. As the expression states: never put all your eggs in one basket. And never put all of your trust into a single aircraft, even the best and newest aircraft occasionally have light mechanical issues that require maintenance before the aircraft is flight-ready. Always be safe and smart enough to travel with aircharter.com, the international leader in private jet charter.