Private Charter Flights to Van Nuys Airport

Just as Teterboro is the major charter hub for the northeastern united states, Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles is the most common executive airport in the southwest. Averaging over 1200 landings and takeoffs a day, Van Nuys airport is without doubt a massive executive airport. No commercial flights originate or terminate here, making this a purely privately used airport. Just within the city limits of Los Angeles and spanning over a 730 acre area, Van Nuys airport is located 30 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles or the West Hollywood / Beverly Hills area.

van nuysVan Nuys serves as a major airport to reduce congestion at the nearby Los Angeles International (LAX) airport. In terms of practicality, flying to Van Nuys is faster and easier than flying in to LAX whist flying private. With no international terminals and long TSA and security checks, aircraft are able to land and takeoff with little delay, using any of the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) as a terminal instead of having to go through the hassle of airport terminal lines. With two major runways, spanning 4,000 ft and 8,000 ft respectively, aircraft as large as an airliner can land here without an issue, meaning any large scale charter aircraft such as a regional jet or a BBJ can land in Van Nuys without issue. Security and safety are an important aspect of any airport, an the Van Nuys airport boasts 24 hour patrols and other services to ensure airfield security. This coupled with the 4 FBOs located at Van Nuys offering their own security and safety precautions.

Van Nuys remains one of our favorite executive airports in the world. Most customers prefer to land at an executive airport when flying in to the Los Angels area due to privacy concerns. Van Nuys is the airport of choice of Hollywood actors and business travelers equally. Van Nuys airport, unlike many other executive airports, is open 24 hours a day allowing flights to land or take off at your earliest convenience. With the advantages of privacy, speed, and cost effectiveness when compared to landing at an international airport, Van Nuys Airport is a winner in our book.

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