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Boeing 777F Freighter (777F)

Boeing 777FThe Boeing 777F is part of the 777 family of a complete family of jetliners preferred by passengers and airlines around the world. The market-leading 777 family consists of five passenger models, with the ability to fly point-to-point nonstop to bypass crowded and busy hub airports, and a freighter model.

The 777 is available in six models: the 777-200, 777-200ER (Extended Range), a larger 777-300, two new longer-range models, the 777-300ER and Boeing 777F.

The market-driven design of the 777 ensures the airplane responds to market needs and customer preferences. The result is a family of airplanes distinguished by its fuel-efficiency, spacious cabin interior, range capability, commonality and reliability. The Boeing 777F provides the most payload and range capability and growth potential in the medium-sized airplane category — all with lower operating costs.

Boeing 777F Freighter (777F)

Boeing 777FThe Boeing 777F Freighter / 777F is a two-engined long-range heavy cargo freight aircraft with a payload of 102.875 kg (226.800 lb) produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
The 777F was developed based on the Boeing 777-200LR. It shares with the -200LR / -300ER the same wings with so called raked wingtips and the landing gear. It is also powered by GE90-110B1 engines.
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PropulsionTurbofan Engines
Engine ModelGeneral Electric GE90-110B1
Engine Power (each)492,7 kN110760 lbf
max. Cruise Speed896 km/h484 kts
557 mph
Mmo (max. Mach)Mach 0.84
Service Ceiling13.137 m43.100 ft
Range9.047 km4.885 NM
5.622 mi.
Empty Weight144.379 kg318.300 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight347.815 kg766.800 lbs
max. Landing Weight260.816 kg575.000 lbs
Wing Span64,80 m212 ft 7 in
Wing Area427,8 m²4605 ft²
Length63,73 m209 ft 1 in
Height18,99 m62 ft 4 in
First Flight14.07.2008
Production Statusin production
Developed fromBoeing 777-200LR
IATA Code77F
Data for (Version)Boeing 777F

The Boeing 777F Cargo Main Deck

Top View of B777F Cargo Compartment Standard Stowage

Top View of Cargo Compartment Standard Stowage

The Boeing 777F Sectional View of Main Deck Stowage

Sectional View of Main Deck Stowage

Sectional View of Cargo Compartment Stowage

Sectional View of Cargo Compartment Stowage

The Boeing 777F Cargo Main Deck Side Cargo Door

The Boeing 777F Cargo Loading Parameters


CompartmentDimensions of Compartment DoorMaximum Loading CapacityAnimal Cargo SpaceHazardous MaterialsBearing Capacity of Floor kg/m2
Width (cm)Height (cm)
Main Deck37430527PAP/PMC(518 m3)YesClass 1-91463
FWD CGO COMP’T2591706PAP/PMC or 18LD3(102m3)YesClass 1-9976
AFT CGO COMP’T2591704PMC/PAG or 14LD3(77m3)YesClass 1-9976
BULK CGO COMP’T841122770kg(17m3)YesClass 1-9732


MAIN DECK – 27PMC (96″ X 125″)
22 X 118″ Height (Contour)/ 4 x 116″ Height (Contour)/1 x 96″ Height (No Contour)
Lower Deck: Total 10 PMC (96″ X 125″)
Forward Hold: 6 PMC
AFT Hold: 4 PMC
ULD Combinations are permitted

Bulk Hold: 15 cubic metres

The Boeing 777F Cargo DOOR SIZES

Main Deck Door: 142″ x 120″
Lower Deck Doors:
Forward Hold: 106″ x 67″
AFT Hold: 106″ x 67″
Bulk Hold: 35″ x 47″
Cargo Tonnage: 103,000 KGS
Cargo Volume: 550 cubic metres
Note: Height of lower deck units is restricted to 62″/158 cm to make it compatible with passenger aircraft.


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