Last Minute Charters for Thanksgiving are available from Very soon, families will sit down for Thanksgiving weekend! If you’re interested in flying, this would be the best time to book your charter to travel anywhere in the world in order to enjoy your flight. Most of the commercial aircraft are almost fully booked for such flights. Furthermore, air traffic in the world might just be dense, causing delays and cancelations of flights to their destination, resulting in obligations to take ground transportation which won’t be as comfortable and convenient as air travel.

With us, you can travel from your home town or city to any city in the world on a chartered jet and get there feeling rested, relaxed and ready to enjoy your time there. You can pick from any of our available collection of aircraft the best jet to fit your needs based on our group size and distance. offers a full concierge service that can coordinate any aspect of your trip from customized limousine service, ground transportation, and even cargo for large groups with heavy luggage.

Aircharter can arrange for private VIP charter for your family and friends. With many options available for nearly unlimited passengers, you can carry your whole family, and even some friends. Flying commercial always has it’s downsides with long securitythanksgivingand TSA checks, very little privacy, and longer wait times. Chartering your own private jet means having the ultimate in flying luxury, more leg room, head room, VIP catering and the most luxurious in services. Our airliner sized aircraft have on board conference rooms, full kitchens, and showers. Last minute flights from anywhere in the world are ready for your family or friends. With high commercial air traffic during this period, private charter is the best possible option for the sake of convenience and privacy.

Use our booking engine to book a chartered jet. Or, you can call us at 212-999-4926, and we’ll be more then glad to assist you plan your trip. can be your partner in planning either a business or vacation trip for Thanksgiving. Contact us to begin planning your experience to and around the world to guarantee a satisfying Thanksgiving experience.