Gulfstream G650 ER

Gulfstream has decided today that the 7000nm range of the Gulfstream G650 was not enough for it’s customers’ needs. The Gulfstream G650ER (extra range) was born, with a 7500nm range, it is without challenge the world’s longest range business jet. The G650ER will host the same interior and options as the standard G650, the only difference is a 4000lb fuel increase, which naturally means a heavier aircraft, the G650ER will require a takeoff/landing field of 6300ft instead of the previous 5900ft for the standard G650. Gulfstream announced that they will be using the same Rolls Royce BR725 engines used for the G650. The aircraft is available to order now for a price of $66.5 Million, or previous G650 owners may retrofit their own G650 for $2 Million allowing it to fly the 7500nm that the G650ER has to offer.

The new 7500nm range will allow G650ER owners in New York to fly non-stop to kong kong, from Texas to Dubai amongst many new city pairs. And for middle east owners, the G650ER will cover the majority of every continent without hassle. Comfort remains untouched, with 16 oval windows(largest in the industry), a mach .90 cruise speed, and all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a high end Gulfstream. We hope the G650ER will be available soon, there has been a very large demand for the standard G650 already, with high profile owners flipping their G650 for 20-30 Million Dollar profits, hopefully Gulfstream’s specialists can continue to manufacture and sell G650s at the same speed, the standard G650 waiting list, if joined now, will assure you a G650 in mid 2017. Though we hope the G650ER will be available to the market much sooner to quench the thirst of top notch private jet owners.

Updated G650ER specifications are as follows:


 Maximum Range* 7,500 nm

 (Mach 0.85, 8 passengers, 4 crew and nbaa iFr reserves)

 Normal Cruise Speed Mach 0.85

 High Speed Cruise Mach 0.90

 Mmo (Maximum Operating Mach number) Mach 0.925

 Takeoff Distance (Sl, iSa, MtOW) 6,299 ft

 Initial Cruise Altitude 41,000 ft

 Maximum Cruise Altitude 51,000 ft

 Rated Takeoff Thrust (each) 16,900 lb / 75.20 kN

 Passengers: Typical Outfitting 11–18