Public Charter- Part 380


Since 2002, has provided Public Charter solutions for Airlines and Agencies worldwide seeking regularly scheduled flights as an indirect Air Carrier complying with the set forth US DOT and local authority regulations and guidelines. Thanks to our aircraft rich database (over 10,000 part 135, 121 and 380 registered aircraft), as an indirect air carrier, broadens your aircraft selection for any flight schedule around the world. has assisted in the development of Public Charter Schedules in Africa, Europe, North and South America. Our top of the line booking engine and charter associates give you the ability to run initial estimates on known ACMI/Charter Program schedules and offer a preliminary budgetary idea on your program.

Why contact for your Public Charter Program?

At, we act as your direct consultants. We are able to give you initial budgetary estimates breaking down your cost to per passenger pricing and we can also structure your routing in a way to maximize cost effectiveness.

Our echarterconnect aircraft database is a source of over 10,000 aircraft worldwide that are capable of part 135, 121, 380, ACMI, wet/dry lease and much more. See more info on our echarterconnect software here.

Public Charter

McDonnell Douglas MD-83 scheduled for Public Charter Operations our of Providenciales Airport


Scheduling a public charter is a complex and time consuming project, and here is what we can help relieve you from:

  • Locating a selection of appropriate aircraft (depending on the location of the program, we may offer up to 12 aircraft choices).
  • Providing all statistical information regarding each individual aircraft:
    • Flight time
    • Contract terms
    • Baggage allowance
    • Crew details
    • Aircraft block hour rates
    • Tax estimates or actual costs
    • Airport fees
    • Fuel costs/ hour
    • Aircraft current and transient base during the requested flights operations period

At, we believe that by offering you full transparency, we empower you to be able to make the right decisions and calculations in order for you to succeed; your success is our success. With our experienced Public Charter Desks, many mistakes can be avoided.

Having developed public charter in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Nigeria, Spain, UK, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Qatar, our desk may properly advise you as you move forward with your project and help you maximize your cost optimization. Our objective is to properly empower you to effectively calculate all of your costs and anticipate any additional hidden costs that are not visible to you.

If you would like to inquire about initial aircraft routing costs for your public charter program, please call our Public Charter Desk at +1 212-999-4926 ext. 221 or 223. Our Public Charter Desk will be able to tell you if anyone else is already fulfilling the routing you desire to fulfill and provide you an initial cost of the public charter based on available aircraft in the 500 mile radius from your departure or base airport.

Public Charter Procedure (United States)

In the USA, the US DOT regulations require all persons or entities who desire to set up scheduled public charter programs to submit a charter prospectus to the SAD (Special Authorities Division). Click the following link to find out the outlined requirements by the US DOT and SAD: