Dassault Falcon 5X Specifications and Charter Info

The Falcon 5X is marketed by Dassault Aviation as their biggest and most advanced jet as of yet. First introduced in 2013, and aiming for a first flight early next year, the Falcon 5X boasts a hefty 5,200 nmi range and great fuel efficiency. This all new business jet features a groundbreaking 6 foot 6 inch high cabin, enough room to stand up in the cabin comfortably, and putting other large jets in its category to shame. Featuring efficient and environmentally friendly Safran Snecma Silvercrest Engines, which Dassault Aviation claims “this can make the aircraft as much as 50% more efficient on short missions” this is of course when compared to jets within its category, large jets tend to burn a great deal of fuel and the 5X looks to be a great business jet in terms of operating cost.

The Falcon 5Xs range of 5,200 nmi makes the 5X capable of flying from New York to nearly any location in South America, Europe, and parts of Africa as well as Asia. Expected to be capable of taking off and landing in under 6000 ft, and featuring a cruise altitude of between 41,000 and 45,000 ft as well as a top speed of mach .90 which essentially makes this aircraft tied for the title of fastest business jet (referring to the Ciation X of course). Dassault also claims that this aircraft will in some circumstances be capable of using runways under 4,000 ft., which would make this an excellent aircraft for all sorts of private flights, the downside to larger aircraft is the immense runway length required to take off or land, which means customers will very often have to drive to a further airport than their destination in order to access the aircraft.

With great comfort features, the Falcon 5X is clearly a technologically advanced aircraft. The 5X recycles fresh air in the cabin at a rate of a full cabin of air every 2-3 minutes, as well as stunningly quiet engines, which are actually quiter than the level heard during a conversation, meaning you will never need to speak up to be falcon 5X interiorheard over the screeching jet engines as some may have experienced in other business jets. The FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system makes it possible to stream music and video straight from your iPhone or iPad, as well as control the lighting and entertainment options right from your device. The comfort doesn’t stop there, the Falcon 5X also features a total of 28 windows, these windows offer an amount of natural light in a cockpit that is very rare to find in the world of business aviation. These windows, which not only include windows on the side of the cabin, but also a skylight, making the Falcon 5X the brightest jet we’ve ever heard of.

This spectacular aircraft looks to be a very promising addition to the Falcon family by Dassault, the Falcon 5X is going to be the biggest, fastest, most efficient jet on the market when it launches if Dassault delivers as they always have. Due to be officially unveiled on December 17th, we can’t wait until this aircraft will be available to charter. This aircraft may become the go-to aircraft for aircraft owners and operators worldwide, and as more information is unveiled, we will know exactly where this aircrafts niche will be. Will this be the next big thing? Or will the Falcon 5X get dwarfed by other alternatives by the time it is released? Only time will tell.