Do you want to travel with a large group? Do the connecting flight, fuel stops, and the disruptive layovers bother you? Today, we offer the top the line aircraft in which you can rest, and travel in less time, while enjoying the exceptional, elegant travel experience possible. With the Ultra large cabin, ultra high-speed business jet – with a larger cabin than any other jet in its class – the G650 is well-suited for international travel and seats as many as 18 passengers. The length of the living area in the cabin was increased to improve the seat incline and provide more legroom. The extra cabin width allows for wider seats, more aisle space and a conference grouping with three-across seating for meetings or meals accommodating up to 6 people. Additionally, this get has enough space which allows a larger stateroom option that includes a single seat, a divan that berths into a double bed, a large, 26-inch (66 cm) pop-up LCD monitor and two windows on each side. With its range of 7,000 NM, and the powerful Rolls Royce engines, this aircraft will cover transcontinental transportation. Furthermore, the G650 will cover shorter distances at the speed Mach 0.925. In other words, this aircraft is the only jet that will take you close the speed of sound.

Large or heavy jets are the largest private aircraft, accommodating an average of 12 passengers comfortably. Some can hold up to 20. Planes like the Falcon 900 series, Gulfstream II and Challenger 605 are able to fly 9 hours or 4,000 miles nonstop. With such long-range abilities, these jets have first-class seating, and sometimes have a private sleeping area. Along with a pilot, heavy jets also have flight attendants to help insure the safety of the passengers, and to tend their needs. Once on board, the flight is bespoke, with guests able to request their preference of meals, on board entertainment – and even bring pets along for the ride.